Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I'm sure many of you have been treated to the videos below, explaining how the "CIA and Intelligence Establishment" has cooperated with Julian Assange and Wikileaks to expose Clinton Corruption.  There are a few things you need to know.

(1) This is TOTAL propaganda.

(2) Ask yourself why the CIA has Jullian Assange under House Exile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for four years. 

(3) Ask yourself who arranged for the fake sexual molestation charges against Julian Assange. 

(4) Ask yourself who has created all the revolution, slaughter and carnage in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq., etc.   WHAT?  Did you think Hillary Clinton accomplished all this using her Clinton Corruption Squad? The answer is the CIA with their Jihadi Legions, Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, Al Nusra etc., etc. 

(5) What is the reason for this propaganda? 
 Let us examine first the source of this propaganda.
Vis a Vis this first video:
This fellow,  Steve Pieczenik, is a long-time CIA agent, asset, and operative. Think about who he is and what he is saying:
Some have written about the Civil War going on inside the Federal Government at the moment.  There has been dissents inside a lot of Federal Agencies over the governmental over-reaches and abuses of the last several years. But dissent is not Civil War.  The CIA, FBI, U.S. State Department and a large portion of the Federal Government are in "cover your ass" mode at the moment. 

THINK! This is NOT CIVIL WAR. Both sides of the conflict, those in the service of Obama's Tyranny, (i.e., those serving the Globalist Agenda) and those who resisted it HAVE JOINED FORCES in dumping the Clintons. (At least that is what they WANT you to think.) 
You must understand this CONTEXT to understand what is happening at the moment.
The CIA Globalists realize that the Clintons cannot survive, so their value as puppets is forever GONE. Remember the Alinsky line, "Let no crisis go to waste." Even though the collapse of the Clintons is a BIG BLOW and Set Back to the Globalists, it is nothing compared to the information they are presently suppressing through this smokescreen. They are all screaming, "Look at Hillary! Look at the Clintons! Don't look at us!"
Because they are guilty of far worse than the Clinton's corruption.

First Video (Breaking News: Democratic Fixer Revealed)

Vis a Vis the Second Video:
At the risk of repeating myself,  this is the CIA, trying to cover its own ass. Don't be fooled. The ONLY reason that all this information is being exposed is because Patriots have been risking their lives to get the word out for DECADES. What is presently happening is NOT a counter-coup by the intelligence establishment as this sorry CIA WONK suggests, it is the CIA throwing the Clintons under that bus hoping to save the Globalist Shadow Government and make YOU think the entire problem has been "Clinton Corruption." If you buy this smokescreen, you will halt for a time the march to LIBERTY that the Truth and Liberty community has worked so hard for so long to create. Listen to this guy KNOWING that he is telling some things that are true, and at the same time like a good CIA WONK, he is LYING through his teeth.

Second Video (The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States) 

To understand the Video's Psy-Opts effect, listen to how one of my friends reacted to it. 

Diane G.
 Thank God for our Intelligence Community countering against the Clinton Foundation / Soros takeover of our Country ... it is a counter coup via the internet ...

Butch Robinson 
Yeah, that is right, drink the kool aid.

Diane G.
Butch, there are people trying to break "the machine" ...

Butch Robinson 
Yes, but please read my comment above and don't fall for the CIA propaganda. The ONLY reason the CIA is stepping forward is because they lost control. Now they are trying to convince you that you owe it all to THEM. THAT IS A JOKE.  BTW, the CIA IS THE MACHINE.

Diana O.  
It is hard for many people to clearly see the massive manipulation we've been under for so long. I equate it to an ever increasing number of doors opening so that we finally see what's in front of us, in its entirety. Diane G. is not a kool aid drinker, but she is continuing to open doors and understand the bigger picture.

Butch Robinson 
I was referencing her quoting the CIA manipulator, ". it is a counter coup via the internet ..." that is CIA propaganda. The counter-coup has been the MASSIVE Liberty and Truth Movement, that has had to BATTLE the CIA, and some have been killed by the CIA, my brother-in-law being one. The CIA is now trying to paint themselves as a patriotic body when they are the CORE of the Corrupt Shadow Government.

All of the Slaughter that Obama and Hillary have accomplished in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, etc., etc., was not done by some mere "Clinton Corruption Squad" but by the CIA.  My God they purposely engineered Christian GENOCIDE in IRAQ and SYRIA! And tried and succeeded, for a while, placing the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt. They recently conducted a FAKE Coup in Turkey to help the Muslim Brotherhood President of Turkey, Erdogan, consolidate his power by exposing and wiping out his opposition.  The CIA is NOT your friend and is NOT on your side. 

Diana O.
You and I know this Butch, but others are just seeing this truth for their first time. It's a jolt to our sensibilities. 

Butch Robinson 
Diane G. has been following my Gulag Posts and FB page for a long time. She knows I mean her no insult.

Here is another Propaganda Video, again telling part of the truth, but this video is circulated to make the two above seem more plausible. 

Third Video (Breaking Bombshell! FBI NYPD INSIDERS Leak -


  1. Black hat white hat..not all CIA are globalists. This guy was on Alex jones today.
    He wants Brennan out.

    He has reported 911 as an inside job & bin Ladin as dead in 2001.

    CIA leadership us the problem, not the agents per se, just like all appointments.
    It is not so concrete as you claim.

    Try again.

    1. Okay, you idiot. This ASS CIA "agent" WAS leadership. He was head of the CIA's HELLISH MIND CONTROL Unit, that has ruined THOUSANDS of people's lives. All his career he has interacted with the public, putting on different public personas over the decades. Now he is appearing as the kindly grand-father type. As for Alex Jones, I outed him in 2000, 16 years ago as FAKE opposition and a Globalist Puppet. Do you really think that Alex Jones has access to all the CIA/Globalist Wonks because he is against them?


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