Friday, November 18, 2016

How Trump and Putin Saved Western Civilization

Trump and Putin to meet in person for crunch talks on defeating ISIS with 'strong and enduring relationship'

Check out the Russian Parliament's reaction to Trump's win and Hillary's defeat.

I wrote this twelve months ago and I was WRONG and I was right. Yes, in the last year the Obama administration has poked hot pokers in the face of Vladimir Putin, as have some of the European Globalists, trying to provoke Putin to "over-react." In fact, I've been exposing the Globalist's intentions to "conquer Russia" for SIX YEARS.  This past year, Putin bided his time, in hopes of a Trump Victory, all the time preparing for War. By election day, according to official reports, the U.S. Military was on DEFCOM-2. I have not heard that they have backed down at the moment, but I think it is a moot point. Levels

I know for a fact (back channel) that by the last debate, when Hillary Clinton was sharing the Top Secret, 4-minute nuclear response time, with the entire world, and screaming that "When the president gives the order for a nuclear strike it must be obeyed" (remember her strange rant about that?) that the military had given Obama notice that if he gave the order they would not pull the trigger.

This was the second Mutiny by the U.S. Military in Obama's second term. Yes, there were back-channel discussions between Trump and Putin during the campaign, but they were not about DNC Emails and computer hacking, but about averting Nuclear Conflagration, and the death of tens of millions of Russians and Americans. 


From November 2015
"We are facing the most dangerous year in American History, partly due to Donald Trump. These Globalist psychopaths are debating whether to surrender to Trump's movement, lay low for a few years and then continue business as usual or maybe just blow the whole damn thing up, while they hold the keys to the nuclear launch codes. If they do not provoke a War with Russia in the next fourteen months, it will be by the Mercy of God and the wisdom of Vladimir Putin."

THE GLOBALIST HAVE RUSSIA SURROUNDED WITH MILITARY BASES, masses of NATO Troops on Russia's Border; the CIA accomplished a Coup in Ukraine and set up a Puppet CIA REGIME in Kiev, and According to Obama, Russia is the Aggressor.  Can you imagine our reaction if we were surrounded by Russian Military Bases, and Russia had troops massed on our borders, and the KGB had overthrown the democratically elected government in Canada and created a KGB Puppet Regime.   THINK PEOPLE!  YOUR IGNORANCE almost caused World War Three.

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