Monday, November 28, 2016

Down the Spirit Cooking Rabbit Hole

The idea that part of the Christian experience is blissful ignorance of evil, the methods and means of evil, is a modern fantasy. Even in the New Testament is the evidence of "stealth-Christians" biding their time very close to the seats of pagan power. That power of Pagan Rome, which seems a sort of kindergarten compared to the hellish pagans of today, after all, the Roman Pagans were enlightened by the Greek Philosophers and though this was a stage of human ignorance, it was far more humane ignorance than the modern pagans, who hold none of the light of the Ancient Greeks, but rather purposely align themselves with the Ancient Death Cults, which in recorded history the Ancient Hebrews, and Ancient Greeks, for the most part, vanquished. We speak rightly of the "decadence" of Ancient Pagan Rome, not the Death Cult of Rome.

Not all of you are prepared for this information. I know for some it is "a bridge too far." But let me ask you a few questions: 
(1) When you removed God from Government did you think you were freeing yourself from evil? 
(2) Did you really believe that literal Ancient Evil did not exist?
(3) Did you believe that light and life would break out all over in God's absence, and the very seats of power would turn angelic and heavenly?

No, in your "enlightenment" they turned Satanic and Hellish, ugly and deadly, morbid and warped. Now, people in these seats of power, celebrate what is Satanic, Hellish, ugly, deadly, morbid and warped.  The following is a reasonable account of how that came to be and presently, what IS.

As this researcher admits, he cannot say that every detail of this history and current history is accurate, but that the main premise is absolutely true, and that the Globalists are Luciferian.

Let this bright young lady lay it out for you, first. It is in simple, knowable language, she points out the code in the verbiage of the Podesta emails, that can be, nothing rational, except CODE.  I LOVE it that YOUNG people are waking up and getting it!


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