Friday, November 25, 2016

Trump Idol Worship or TRUTH? by Karen Bracken

(Intro by the Orthodox Christian Philosopher) I stated many times during the campaign that I held no loyalty to Donald Trump, only to Truth. I stated the following 16 months ago:

"If this nation does not elect Donald Trump, and if elected, Donald Trump does not create a "Truth Commission" to expose the CIA/State Department's Jihadi Reality, there is no hope for our country. These criminal Globalists, willing to sacrifice millions of people for their goals of Empire and Genocide, who have had complete control over our government and its enormous power since 1988, have to be exposed in the public square, the criminal CIAmerican Media exposed as well, and INDIVIDUALS Charged for their crimes against humanity! HEADS HAVE TO ROLL, literally, not figuratively, every one of these Traitors stripped of their civil rights, and punished according to their War Crimes guilt. Without this, America cannot be saved and our grand experiment with Republican Governance will be remembered in history with a worse stigma than Soviet Russia, Maoist China and Hitler's NAZI Germany. The unambiguous HISTORY of these evil times has to be written, and stupid Americans, who supported Globalist Republicans and Globalist Democrats have to be SHAMED for their willful ignorance, apathy and stupidity that allow EVIL to flourish and stalk the entire planet with death and destruction."

Pentagon Papers, leaked to Judicial Watch, PROVE that the U.S. purposely created ISIS. We all knew it, now it is documented. Here is Ben Swann telling about the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) papers.

The above represents only one area of Cultural Marxist deception and tyranny We The People have experienced under this criminal government. I have been writing about the Cultural Marxist Conditioning that has replace Education in America, for thirty years, since I first read the "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Americans" by Charlotte Iserbyt.

Karen Bracken's reaction to the appointment of a NeoCon Cultural Marxist as Secretary of Education by Trump, is spot on. I have been "screaming" since election day that IN FACT we have won NOTHING. The defeat of the murderous Clinton Crime Family will be a Pyrrhic Victory if we do not realize that we are in a NEW CIVIL WAR, and ACT accordingly.  The Soros Marxists in the Streets are ACTING, and though we will not be killing cops and destroying property, we have to ACT, with far more FORCE. What do I mean by force?

End Introduction
 - Archpriest Symeon Elias.


Karen Bracken -
The only solution to our education situation now is an all out war. Parents and teachers must now walk OUT and refuse to return until the US Dept. of Education is shut down and education returned 100% to local control. I am going to post information about this new Secretary. She makes Arne Duncan look good. 

Here are 3 articles that should clear up any doubts about what a HORRIBLE choice Trump made and how uninformed Trump is about Charters/Vouchers. Or is he??? I am beginning to wonder. But it is now up to parents and teachers. No more begging people. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LISTEN. READ these articles and then tell me if you truly believe Charters and Vouchers are for our children. THEY ARE NOT. 

How many times must you get kicked in the teeth? How many times are we going to let our kids get kicked in the teeth. After so many people on FB were saying Charters and Vouchers are not so bad I decided to pull the plug and deactivated my account. Well it is back but only for a few days. 

HOW MANY PARENTS AND TEACHERS ARE READY FOR WAR? If you are not then I will go off line permanently and one day you will only have your self to blame. 

Teachers! I have no pity for you. You could have stopped this a long time ago but you went along with the program to save your job. Well guess what when they implement their scheme in full force you won't have a job. Teachers are not needed to show children how to turn on their computer for the daily instruction and assessments. 

For all of you that do not understand that Charters and Vouchers are not about providing an education for poor children but all about corporate profits please tell me this: When Charters and Vouchers fail to deliver results what is next? Hmmmmm. Maybe they will decide parents are the real problem. Maybe we will have take kids away from their parents at a certain age and send them to 24/7 boarding schools. 

Do you really think this is, far fetch? If you do you do not understand the Cultural Marxism against which we battle.

Remember Arne Duncan once said "there will be some kids we will have to have 24/7. Was he hinting at the plans for the future? Sorry but you are being taken for a very dangerous ride. Many tried to make people see. We presented facts and documents but still you cannot see the tricks being played. The lies being told. The deceit.

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