Thursday, February 12, 2015

Come on, Walk the Plank to LIBERTY!: Liberty is EASY. It just looks hard.

Read a moment and learn something you already know, but do not realize is being used against you.

If we were standing in a room with a beautiful heart of pine plank floor, and the planks were about 10 inches wide, and I said to you, I will give you $100 if you can walk that plank without touching the planks on each side. You would look me in the eyes to assure yourself I was serious, quickly negotiate the plank and put your hand out for your money. Easy as PIE. Quickest 100 bucks ever!

If I were to arrange the same plank, with the same strength, and unbending sturdiness, so that walking it would have the EXACT SAME qualities of feeling and reality under the feet, but this time lay it between the top of two 20 story buildings, offered you the same $100, you would say, "What? Do you think I'm suicidal?!"
It is the exact same task, a twenty foot walk across a 10 inch wide plank. The first example you could almost dance across, but the second activates an autonomic trigger instilled in you at a very early age about the dangers of "edges" and "heights." So that suddenly that identical plank, plenty wide enough for your six inch wide shoe to fit, with two inches to spare on each side, ceases to be a plank at all, but rather two edges of a twenty story drop.

The media uses this fear in you continually. They use it in their language, constantly describing edges, x-crises, x-breaking points, x-cliffs, x-abyss, danger of collapse, the danger that acting might "trigger" worse result, even the idea that a mere 30 thousand fanatics in the desert in the Middle East are a "threat to the whole world" but more especially a threat to you, if you don't freeze in fear and give them permission to act on your frozen behalf.

A young friend framed it this way, "This Politicalamity infuses your mind with dangerous doses of lies, debt, anxiety, fear and a culture of death to ‘help’ you choose to give up precious liberty for false security. When you resist, they change the story until you comply. You are given choice, after crisis, after choice, after calamity, after choice until you choose precisely that which they want you to choose." _ Rex Christi.

When I left to Peacefully March in D.C. last year, I had NSA/FBI WONKS (FAKE FB accounts) all over my FaceBook page telling me how stupid I was and how my actions placed EVERYONE in danger, that our March on Washington was going to "trigger Martial Law." 
Some of the people you think are telling you the straight scoop daily are Government MIND CONTROL WONKS HERDING YOU into NON-ACTION, whose job it is to keep you FROZEN IN FEAR.

Our Steps to Liberty are CLEAR. 
FIRST we have to stop being afraid. 
We have to stop letting them ACTIVATE Autonomic Triggers, or AT THE VERY LEASE come to understand it when they do. 
The path is a simple plank on the floor, NOT a high-wire twenty stories in the air.
The plank exists IN OUR EVERY DAY LIVES. 
We have to REFUSE the DRUGS, 


REFUSE the genetically engineered poisonous, contaminated foods,

REFUSE to participate in collectivist health care, 


REFUSE to give our consent to more WAR abroad when our government is engineering Islamization and Collectivist Slavery here at home. 

REFUSE to ALLOW new Mosque to be constructed, 

REFUSE to sit by while our children are being BRAINWASHED by Behaviorist Conditioning they have the GAUL to call "education." 

RESUFE to participate in the FAKE "democratic process" of THIS Omni-Serveillance Totalitarian Police State.

“Liberty is the very last idea that seems to occur to anybody, in considering any political or social proposal. It is only necessary for anybody for any reason to allege any evidence of any evil in any human practice, for people instantly to suggest that the practice should be suppressed by the police.” – G. K. Chesterton

(UPDATE 12/14/2015)
Something has changed with Donald Trump entering the Presidential Race.  He is outside the control mechanism explained in this video by Professor Lessig of Harvard.  He is in the process of SMASHING IT!

 It could very well be, that we have been given one last chance to save our nation as a nation, and restore our Sovereignty and Liberty!

December 2015 and something has changed.  A landslide for Trump in the Primaries, and in the General Election, large enough that the CIAmerican Media and Political Wonks cannot cover it up, and we will have (at least for a time) SMASHED the Globalist Control Mechanism.  His election will NOT be victory in the WAR against the Globalist Psychopaths, but it will be a 'uuuuuuuuuugh' VICTORY of a Battle inside the WAR. And it will change the strategic dynamic back toward National Sovereignty and Liberty. (Update end)

There are only 10 thousand or so of the Oligarchy - of the NEW WORLD ORDER psychopaths that have stolen our country and there are more than THREE-HUNDRED MILLION of US!

All these things are fully in our personal power, or at least partly in your power cooperating with others, just a PLANK in the ordinary every day of our lives, NOT some high-wire to negotiate at 20 stories high. 
YOU have to take OWNERSHIP of your own FEAR, 
YOU have to remove the LEASH from your SLAVE COLLAR, and stand like HUMAN BEINGS in control of your own FEELINGS. AND ACT IN YOUR OWN LIVES. 
If not all of us, WHO will stand for our Liberty?
If not NOW, WHEN? WHEN will it get easier, or safer? DAYS are WASTING.


  1. Awesome stuff, perfectly right too - they are only so many and we are multitudinously MORE....we just need to wake up and stand together.

  2. Your Holy Courage and Boldness to uphold each word of the truth is astounding and refreshing. You bring Truth to the forefront of every issue with Love and Clarity for the Truth. You write by no coincidence... God Bless you, Fearless Warrior of Holy Truth. Never Change... Never surrender... Sharing this on my wall in hopes more people will understand what is truly at stake. God bless you... Be well...


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