Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chapel Hill Muslim Murder False Flag

February 12, 2015

Here is the next False Flag - you have to be shamed now that your mind has been changed and you are all for Military Intervention in Syria. To change your minds they had to stir your Muslim shock, fear, anger, revenge, autonomic triggers. Now they have to beat that monster back to keep you from actually rising up and stopping the Marxist/Islamization of America. So now, they will be shaming you for weeks, maybe months, constantly pulling your GUILT autonomic trigger, further silencing you, freezing you in fear of being seen as "insensitive" as they pass the un-limited Authorization to Use Military Force, not just for Syria, but ANYWHERE Obama decides, and you will sit by silently as they create the next wave of Christian Genocide. When they are shaming you, remember what I have written here, and learn to gain power over your emotions and over your handlers, and discover the principles of truth, justice and mercy so you will no longer be yanked to and fro by your Mind Control Handlers. The FACT is intervention in Syria was WRONG eighteen months ago, because it would have only created more genocide, and it is wrong NOW, because it will only create more genocide. 

Remember, just because it is a False Flag, does not mean that there are not a string of corpses.

NSA, CIA, Homeland Security - whoever is running these false flags. YOU HAVE GOT TO HIRE BETTER ACTORS. 

Here we have the sister of the Chapel Hill Muslim Murder victims, Doctor Suanne Barakat, who CNN described as "breaking down with emotion" as she tried to talk about her poor murdered family members. You can believe your own EYES; she lost it trying to portray grief, and almost burst out laughing. Towards the end of the minute segment she managed to frown while pretending to grieve. NOT A TEAR IN HER EYES. I'm a trained grief counselor, and expert in micro-expression. I've been with hundreds of people as they reposed, and witnessed over and over what real grief looks like.  People have two basic expressions following a horrible loss of a loved one, especially after shocking violence. They are blank with shock, glassy eyed, or eyes swollen, grieving. It is an autonomic trigger, that brings biological changes that cannot be mimicked except by a very, very few, highly trained method actors, who actually speak their lines while making themselves re-live a REAL life grief of their own. 

Can you honestly accept this as either? This doesn't take expertise to see the HORRIBLE acting job. 
The pictures are in sequence:

This first picture hardly shows a sister grieving, but people can smile pensively through sadness.  However, her eyes are not swollen or red, no visible sign of grief.

 Same, look, except notice the eyes begin to smile.

 She immediately tries to fight back her smile. 

She realizing that she is not being successful so she pinches her lips trying to destory the smile. 

 She still cannot suppress her smile. 

She throws her head back and takes a deep breath trying still to control her joy. 

Realizing her face is out of control, she tries to force a look of grief, but as you will see, is unsuccessful. 

 Now her second failure to produce a look of grief catches her in irony and she loses control as her face begins to literally GRIN. 

The grin grows and she cannot control it. 

 She is hoping she is hiding the grin, but fails; now her face registers glee

Now embarrassment that she has failed to terribly. 

 She pressed her fingers hard into her forehead and swipes across hoping to wipe the smile off her face. 

 She regains more composure but her eye still betray a laugh. 

 I left out many frames since they would have been redundant.  Notice the flared nostrils on Andersen Cooper and his pinched lips. He looks a little angry at the massive psy-opts fail.

 She finally takes the acting task a little more seriously. 

 This is the first hint of a downcast look, about 40 seconds into the minute clip

 Here she leans forward, feigning a look of grief - FINALLY.

And in the end, in the last frame manages this slightly sad, slightly offended expression.

I had not watched T.V. for a month, on the road at the time of Sandyhook.  In the few seconds of interviews I saw, I immediately remarked. "None of this looks real."  Well, how real do you think this looks.  This is less than forty eight hours following the "senseless" murder of THREE members of her family.  Do you see a tear?  Did you see grief? Did you see ANY sign of shock or grief?  The fact is her expressions resemble more someone who is relating hearing news that they just won the lottery.  I wonder what the lottery is; how much these people are being paid for this False Flag. In Sandyhook we know it was hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This video of the Original interview, which is 7 plus minutes long that aired on the evening of 2/11/2015 was uploaded to youtube about the time I shared this blog post.  You will notice that the pictures I shared do not appear in the video, but were aired in a segment about a minute long during, on 2/12/2015.  The original covered this epic fail by moving away from her face and putting up pictures of the family as cover, as she lied on and on.  The question is whether the footage aired showing the "fail" was a mistake or someone trying to share a sliver of truth with us.

I shared a link to my still pictures and the producer of the first video made this video including my most incriminating still shots and uploaded later in the day, 2/12/2015.


  1. And Anderson Cooper is a known CIA-operative, which lends credence to this claim!


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