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What is a Conspiracy Theorist? What is Conspiracy Theory?

November 21, 2014 at 1:57pm

Did you know that the term "Conspiracy Theorist" was coined by the CIA to use to discredit people who expose the real conspiracies created, planned and executed by the Government and Major Financial and Political Interests?  If one reasons but for a moment, one would know that any creation of a plan and execution of that plan by a group of people is by definition a 'conspiracy', a most common social phenomenon.  Have you ever "conspired" to create and execute a "surprise birthday party"?  Gosh, you are a conspirator, and worse if you were ever suspicious that someone was planning such a party for you, well then, you are a paranoid conspiracy theorist. 
The idea that Governments and powerful groups do NOT create plans for the direction of "policy," for the furtherance of their existence and power is ludicrous on the face of it.  Of course they do!  And the second such planning is "classified" by that government, or held by confidential agreement in the private sector, it has reached the level of "secret conspiracy" and as history has taught us clearly many times these secret conspiracies quickly become "criminal conspiracy" - the very thing that people have been conditioned NOT to believe ever happens. 

History is Replete with such conspiracies.

Some conspiracies are openly stated, in broad terms, like "Project for a New American Century" created by the NeoCons for Anglo-American world hegemony, but the actual execution is hidden in political and lying rhetoric, and one has to ferret-out the actions one discovers are part of the agenda.  The same can be said for the goals of the U.N. and for the policy statements of NATO, and for the "doctrine of Sustainability" offered by the U.N., creating Agenda 21, and the goals of UNESCO outlined by the founder and first head of that organization, Jullian Huxley, an avowed eugenicist, which goal is euphemistically stated as 'population control' which in practice has amounted to wholesale soft and hard genocide.  

If you state for instance what are known facts of engineering, physics and chemistry, that the Twin Towers could not have been taken down in the way they were reported to have been taken down, reported in the media and according to the 911 Commission Report, even though you have ALL of the immutable FACTS of science on your side, in making that statement, according to the media you are a "truther" and a suspected radical by  CIA/Government and those brainwashed by them. You see stating Truth in a society based upon lies is an act of subversion. We know who the "subversives were" in the Old Soviet Union; those who dared speak the truth.  The same condition has arrived in the U.S. 

If one recounts the damage to our republic and the enslavement of our population to perpetual debt that was accomplished by the "conspirators" who met on  Jekyll Island on the coast of Georgia and created a plan for Private New York and London financial interests to take complete control of the U.S. economy, and executed the plan through the Federal Reserve Act and the Amendment illegally creating the IRS, even though everything you say is absolutely true, you are a "conspiracy theorist" and a suspected subversive for stating mere facts of history.  

Having lived some decades what I have observed is that "overt political speech" is most times
(1) ignorance - filled with platitudes of "hope"
(2) purposeful miss-direction a smokescreen to cover what is really happening
(3) or shades of "conspiracy" stated as a plan that is good for us, like George Herbert Walker Bush's "New World Order" speeches.  

I saw a video yesterday of Ronald Reagan saying in a State of the Union speech, speaking about arming the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, (the Creation of Al Qiada - Al Qiada meaning "The List"  the list of what? Those Jihadis working for the CIA.)  "No brighter light is shown on the battle for Liberty than the light produced by the freedom fighters in Afghanistan."  This is a statement stated in shades of conspiracy, stated as a plan for the good of us all.  
Was it true?
No.  It was not even in the neighborhood of truth, but was "pep-talk language" to make the American people THINK they were supporting "liberty" in Afghanistan, when in fact they were supporting a New World Order Conspiracy.  Reagan knew or should have known that the reason we were supporting the Mujaheddin Jihadis (Al Qiada) in Afghanistan was because we had operated a CIA "CONSPIRACY" in Afghanistan to goad the Soviet Union into invading, so we could LIE and say "they were the aggressor" as  Zbigniew Brzezinski just admitted in his latest book.  We would be fools not to understand that we did the same thing in Ukraine this year, to goad the Russians into action so we could LIE and say they are the aggressors.  For the Soviet Union, Afghanistan was on their border. Who were the REAL Aggressors? The U.S. having formulated a conspiracy to project Anglo-American hegemony over Central Asia. It had nothing to do with self-defense, we were actively being "aggressive" on the other side of the world! The same is true for Ukraine. 

So go ahead, show your brainwashed ignorance and call me a "conspiracy theorist." 

 .... "In January 1967, shortly after Jim Garrison in New Orleans had started his prosecution of the CIA backgrounds of the (JFK Assassination) murder, the CIA published a memo to all its stations, suggesting the use of the term “conspiracy theorists” for everyone criticizing the Warren (Commission) Report findings. Until then the press and the public mostly used the term “assassination theories” when it came to alternative views, different than the “lone nut” theory - Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. But with this memo this changed and very quickly became a Mind Control meme in the culture; “conspiracy theory” became what it is to this today: a term to smear, denounce and defame anyone who dares to speak about any crime committed by the state, military or intelligence services or massive financial interests. 

Before Edward Snowden anyone claiming the kind of omni-surveillance of internet, phone traffic, and the recording of all human movement via GPS tracking and auto-tag tracking that indeed existed, would have been named a conspiracy nut; today everyone knows better, if they haven't been living under a rock. 

If you care for your own liberty, you will awaken and start discovering the "conspiracies that are presently in play" and STOP listening to the very comfortable or infuriating political Rhetoric constantly invented to keep you hypnotized and ignorant. Constantly offered you to make you think you live in a Republic, where the will of the people is recognized and followed by "your servants" in government.  Princeton University did a many years study released this Summer (2014) proving the the Will of the American People has had NO impact on American Public Policy (and I can add covert policy) for four decades.  That in fact the Elite, RULE.  As long as you believe the political Kabuki Play, played out with such passion on CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the other Corporate/Government Propaganda outlets, you want even know you have lost your privacy and liberty and further you will have no idea of the immense sacrifice many, if not most, will have to make to regain it.   


We live in one of the strangest eras in history, where a population of 300 million people bought two lies that rendered them slaves.
(1) The first was that real evil does not exist on this planet, that there is no intelligence seeking the destruction of humans, and 

(2) That our government is good, if not good then at least harmless, has our best interest at heart, and NEVER would seek to destroy our LIBERTY.

The Mom, Apple Pie, Uncle Sam and the American Flag mentality is SLAVERY to the Big LIE. 

Lies enslave.
Only the TRUTH can set you free.

Archpriest Symeon Elias

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