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Political Correctness is the WEAPONIZATION of language.

November 12, 2014 at 9:13am

Heard a phrase yesterday and winced thinking, why didn't I think of that phrase?!
"Political Correctness is the weaponization of language."   That maxim made all the rest of this article suddenly come into clear relief.  Here is I'm sure a partial list of the weapons of "Political Correctness."

(1) If you understand and speak the facts of Islam, you are an "Islamophobe."

(2) If you understand that the official story of 9/11 is TOTALLY FABRICATED, and violates the laws of chemistry and physics and you want investigators to get to the truth of whatever happened, no matter how it was done and by whom, you are a "Truther," a subversive and dangerous.

(3) If you dare speak of the hypocrisy of Marxist race-baiting used by the left in the U.S. you are a "Racist."  Unless you happened to be black, then you are an "Uncle Tom" or a "Race Traitor."

(4) If you hold to scriptural and Church Traditional teachings of sex and morality, you are a "Zealot" "Fanatic" "Hater" and "Homophobe" and unless you have lived the life of a saint from birth, you are also a "glaring hypocrite" and "anal retentive."

(5) If you have followed the REAL science and know that Evolution is a total Mythology, you are "backward" "ignorant" "flat-earther" and "do not accept the science." 

(6) If you have followed the REAL science and know that the earth is in a very, very, very special place, unlike the place any other heavenly body in the Universe occupies, what the physicists describe as "center mass" you are a "science denier" and a "flat earther."

(7) If you are aware of the manipulation of international politics by the international Elitists, the mega wealthy one percent of Americans who own 90 percent of America's wealth and the three percent that own more than half the wealth of the entire world; if you have read their stated plans and goals for the earth, that effect America and America's part in it, you are a "Conspiracy Theorist."

(8) If you believe that there is a real presence of evil in the world, constantly and intelligently seeking the destruction of mankind upon the earth by any means possible, you are "superstitious" "lost in Medieval Mythologies" despite the evidence of genocide across the globe. 

(9) If you accept the wirtten documents of the United Nation's Agenda 21 and know that their long term goal is to reduce the human population on earth to half a billion people, and know that is not "population reduction" but world wide genocide, you are a radical and a fanatic.

(10) If you understand and speak the facts of the history of the cyclical nature of the earth's climate, and report that the present hysteria and crisis about MAN MADE "Global Warming" and "Global Climate Change" is a Marxist Agenda to take total control of all human activity worldwide, you are a "Denier" like a Holocaust Denier, EVIL, a Global Warming Denier, a Climate Change Denier, a subversive and dangerous. In fact you are a person who is willing to place everyone else in danger!

(11) If you understand the proved fact that America is an Oligarchy, that the Republic is no more, that the constitution is voided and some other power has control, you are "a nut" "un-patriotic" "you don't love your country" "a conspiracy theorist" a subversive and dangerous.  In fact you are a person who is willing to place everyone else in danger because you refuse to accept "The Agenda." You don't understand that without the Agenda, we all die.

(12) If you believe in the unalienable right of self-defense and the defense of the innocent, you are "Dangerous" a "Gun Nut" and according to the government "a potential terrorist." 

(13) If you understand that your human rights cannot be protected by ink on paper, nor can be removed from you by any man or body of men, you are a radical and a potential terrorist.

(14) If you understand the Mind War that is being waged against the American People, that it is a decades long Psychological WAR, that has created the insanity I will outline below, you are the most dangerous subversive, you are out of control.

The MARXIST plot to destroy meaning: A friend, Doc Kimble, reminded me,  "They asked Confucius once what must be done to reform a decadent culture. His answer: 'Restore the meanings of words."'

Language has become so "convoluted" that "skeptic" these days, actually means "mind dead true believer."  The modern "skeptic" BELIEVES the following insane mythology.

(1) Islam is a religion of peace.

(2) 9/11 was an Islamic Terror attack by Al Qiada, and 19 muslims TERRORISTS were responsible for it. It would be insane to believe that our own Government Operated a False Flag Terror Attack to get us to surrender Liberty and support perpetual WAR. 

(3) The World Trade Center, Twin Towers could literally implode defying all the laws of nature by applying a few thousand gallons of jet fuel.

(4) Only Liberals understand the plight of blacks.

(5) Only Liberals know what can save mankind from imminent destruction.

(6) All religions and moral standards are equal and we have no right to judge one set of rules better than another. 

(7) Evolution is real and scientifically proved

(8) The earth isn't special and nothing about it witnesses the power of God, in fact it is just an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost between two spiral arms in the outskirts of a galaxy which is a member of a sparse cluster of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.  And besides it is just one universe in the multi-verse and this is proved SCIENCE. 

(9) Elites do not now and never have conspired to retain control and power; they are good people and if not good at least dis-interested in their own legacies, the maintenance of power and the place their children will occupy in the future. And none of them would ever conspire together to create a world molded into a model making their maintenance of power easier and their control more complete, powerful and responsive.  

(10) There really isn't anything in the world called "evil" except the misguided actions of human being and humans threaten the survival of the planet. Only humans are evil. Humans are a virus on the planet and billions need to be exterminated for the survival of the planet. We will all be better off when this has occurred. 

(11) Agenda 21 is about the survival of the human species and saving the earth from evil men.

(12) Global Warming - or maybe just man made Climate Change is Observable PROVED SCIENCE.

(13) America is a functioning Republic and I can maintain my freedom by being politically active, i.e. listening to debates on T.V. to be informed and voting.

(14) My vote counts.
(15) Media News Is Real, and no entity operates a Mind War propaganda program against the American People. It is a fantasy to believe t
here is a Mind War waged against the American People.
(Where is the real Alex Jones?)

(16)There is no such thing as "Controlled Opposition" 
The Mind War

(17) Loss of Privacy in this Omni-Surveillance Authoritarian Police State, does not mean Loss of Liberty!

(16) Guns are dangerous, Guns kill people; American Citizens do not need guns to protect themselves, that is what the police are for. Only the police should have guns.

(17) We have rights because our Founding Fathers gave them to us. 

The people holding these views are called "skeptics" and are herded like COWS, victims of the many Decades long Mind War, yet the society says such ones hold a "healthy skepticism."  God knows they would not want to be thought of as a Conspiracy Theorist.  

My God Deliver us from the Lie.
Archpriest Symeon Elias

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