Sunday, February 15, 2015

Is the Present State of Mass Hypnosis Breaking Down?

Listen carefully to this video published five years ago, (April 2010) and realize that the Snowden revelations were not until 2013, (June 5th) not even two years ago. 

As you watch this video, I want you to ask yourself:
How did James Corbett know these things he is accurately telling you in April 2010?  Was he a "seer" some magician? a prophet?  NO.  He is just relaying information given by previous whistle blowers; people who had sacrificed much and suffered much to spread the truth of the collapse of the Republic with the American People. They risked their LIVES and some lost, some died, some went to prison to tell YOU that the American Government was vacuuming up every phone call, every text message and every email, something we had known since 2003. But something the Hypnotized PUBLIC could not process, could not think was possible. 

In those years 2003, really till only a few months ago, when you stated the documented FACT of this domestic spying on any sort of social media you were pummeled by NSA/DHS Mind War Wonks posing as real people, whose job it was to make you look paranoid, a radical, a nut-job, a fool, un-American and un-Patriotic. They would explain in deep technical "BS - expertise" terms, how what YOU were suggesting was IMPOSSIBLE. That no computers existed which were capable of doing what YOU claimed was being done. Yet, as anyone should know NOW (and if you don't you are a liar or a ZOMBIE) the domestic spying and total loss of privacy is the ABSOLUTE Truth, and was the ABSOLUTE Truth then.

There are some very good signs. In the 1960s over 80 percent of the American Population trusted the Federal Government.  Today that figure is down to about 19 percent. And trust me those people are lying or are drugged-out Zombies.

All this is certainly trending in the right direction.
These statistics show that the Mind War Apparatchik's control of the Dialectic, which is  control of the baseline information people use to form ideas and plan actions is slipping away from them.  But not nearly fast enough as they seek to take control of the internet and button-up the last flow of real information we as Americans can access.  But all toll these are healthy signs. The trust of Government, Corporation and Media is insanity. It is trust in those entities that have authored and are running your subjugation to an Omni-Surveillance Authoritarian Police State, that used to be a Constitutional Republic.   We must RESIST this Lawless government in every way humanly possible.

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