Sunday, January 18, 2015

Is Matter EVIL?

An object lesson for Biblical Fundamentalists, Sola-Scriptura Heretics, Ignorant Biblical Literalists - who have sacrificed Abundant LIVING, (The full experience of THIS feast day of living) to GNOSTIC rejection of the EARTH, WORLD and MATERIAL BEING. Who Claim that GOD's CREATION is EVIL. To those who rape sacred Tradition ripping scriptures from the pages of the Library of Books known as Sacred Scripture or the Canon of Writings, or the Bible, and claim that your LIFE REJECTING theology is found there.

Here is Babe, a Great Pyrenees I rescued as a pup and the pony Kip. I already had five dogs, so my friend with a horse farm took her in, to guard his place. Everyday I would stop by, wrestle with her and let her know she was loved. When she was only eleven months old, a pack of coyotes came for Kip. I saw the security video tape of this animal, endowed by GOD with bravery and nobility, not yet a year old, standing off the coyotes, standing between them and Kip, killing four of them before they surrounded her and took her down. She saved Kip without a scratch. Trust me when I tell you that your LIFE rejecting, EARTH rejecting hardness of heart is a deformity of YOUR spirit and does not accurately reflect the beauty, bravery, and nobility of this SINGLE DOG.

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