Thursday, January 8, 2015

Anthony Sutton, THANK YOU!

By 1976, those who were awake and paying attention knew that a completely false consciousness rested in the heart/minds of most Americans we met. Our own families were hypnotized to believe in a reality that was not true.  At the time, I had just met people in the Alternative Energy (free energy) field and was shock to discover the Petroleum Economy, arbitrary and fake. A few years before I became acquainted with Dr Larry McDonald who would become a Congressman and the head of the John Birch Society.  I heard this speech by Anthony Sutton delivered, and if I remember correctly the introduction was by G. Edward Griffin. The decades of the 70 and 80s were by far the most turbulent in my life. By the nineties and Ruby Ridge and Waco I had realized that people would have to be suffering destitution in the streets before they would ever have a chance to wake up. And of course by that time I knew it would have been too late.  

In 2009 I saw my prediction almost come true. In Georgia near the South Carolina border in the fall a year after the crash, I discovered towns of motor homes parked mostly on private property, where people had established "residence."  I discovered it by accident as I witnessed a school bus pick up an entire bus load of children from a fire-break road, where I knew it was at least a mile to the closest house.  When they left, I drove down the fire break to discover more than a hundred motor homes and campers parked in a cow pasture.  I introduced myself to suspicious people and heard the same story again and again, loss jobs, mortgage foreclosure, escape via camper and motor home. A group of us, about 40 people prayed together that day, for everyone who was struggling.  The only reason they were not on the streets destitute is because they had escaped with mobile shelter. More than one family swore that they had been evicted at the hands of their county sheriff, by the bank, and had not been behind on their payments. I thought at the time it was a prideful defensive mechanism at work, only to discover that hundreds of thousands of people were illegally evicted.  We presently exist in a society where the number of vacant houses out number the number of homeless in America.  What could be stranger?   

A little investigation and I discovered that a couple major state parks had been 'closed' because they were occupied by people who had been foreclosed.  That winter there were tens of thousands of motor homes and campers that had become residents in the state of Georgia. I believe that the mortgage displacement was WORSE than Katrina. Hidden and silent.  I tried to get every local and regional news paper or T.V. station to tell this story.  Of course, none of them would touch it. 

NOTHING you learned about the history of the Twentieth Century, about the Russian Revolution, the rise of the NAZIS and Hitler, the Cold War - NONE of it was true. 

For the record, the two most important historians in the Twentieth Century were Antony Sutton and Carroll Quigley, two men who could not possibly have been any more different. Sutton investigated, researched and wrote because he realized the evil the world was facing and the false consciousness that was generated for the masses. Quigley researched and wrote (he didn't have to "investigate")  because he was in the inner circle of the New World Order conspirators and simply by accident confirmed what others have written. 

This lecture/speech is a very good overview of the 20th century up to 1976.   Even at that point he knew that America was a "ghost republic"  in the hands of a "foreign power"  and that, that foreign power was in control of real governance. 
BTW the essential Sutton Books are:
America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones
Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Wall Street and FDR.

The War on Gold.

The Federal Reserve Conspiracy

Of course Quigley's classic is Tragedy and Hope.  His book "Anglo-American Establishment" is also important.  Don't waste your time on "The Evolution of Civilizations" it is pure conjecture grounded in Social Darwinism - it actually gives the "justification" for the New World Order Rulers to Rule.

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