Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Hypnotic Assault On Your Soul

In 1923, Dr Robert H Thouless, a Cambridge Psychologist, wrote some amazing things about the control of the masses in his text book, "An Introduction to the Psychology of Religion."  It was the textbook used at Cambridge from the 1920s thru the 1960s.  At the time, Radio was brand new. The first stations were licensed in 1922, and there were only a few stations in the world. So his reference for "mass hypnosis" was speaker and audience in a hall, lectures and sermons. Yet his understanding of the manipulation of people's minds stood the test of time and was taught throughout the "Era of Radio" which really ended in the 1950s as it was supplanted by T.V.  

When talking about creating in others, emotions and thoughts not their own, but instilled through hypnotic suggestion, he taught the boilerplate lessons of light hypnosis and deep hypnosis and cautioned that light hypnosis is more powerful than deep hypnosis, in that someone can easily be placed in this state of light hypnosis, without knowing it.  He described it this way, “A state of half-waking which immediately precedes or follows sleep is one in which suggestibility is very high.”  

This has huge wisdom for us today, since light hypnosis is the "currency" and "power" of Television.  In other words, when you sit and watch the news, and it bores you, or even if the story is interesting they repeat it over and over, they are hypnotizing you, placing their thoughts in your sub-conscious, that later you will spout proudly as your own thoughts, sure that you are properly informed. And you won't just think the thoughts, you will FEEL them. You will hold emotion in what you know. 

This works with the “moral suggestions” of entertainment as well, we buy the underlying morality the "programming" suggests. After all we watch T.V. to “relax” to let go of our rational thoughts, plans, work, worries and how do we say it?, “to veg in front of the television” “watch a PROGRAM”.  We don't examine the content of the PROGRAMS we watch, but instead, FEEL THEM EMOTIONALLY.  We watch our favorite shows because of the ways those shows make us feel. 

If you leave the Television on, while you do other things, then the “programmers” have direct access to your sub-conscious, since the sub-conscious records everything it hears, without filter, without critical analysis, whether you are consciously hearing it or not. That droning emotional language they employ becomes not just your thought, but it becomes your “feelings” about whatever subject they are “conditioning” you to know. 

I realized immediately after 911, that people were walking around in a deep hypnotic state. Their consciousness had been clearly altered, to the point that you could not say, “Hey, what they showed you is physically IMPOSSIBLE.  Buildings cannot defy the LAWS of NATURE.”  To utter such a statement meant people would curse you.  I don't know what I would have done to preserve sanity in that insane society were it not for the wisdom of Saint Anthony's words, “There will come a time, when men will go mad. They will take hold of you and say, 'YOU ARE MAD! YOU ARE NOT LIKE US.”'  And it was literally true, men would become violent, if you dared to question 911.  And the culture was so thoroughly hypnotized that if you sought the truth of the event you were a “truther” a term planted in everyone's minds (emotions) by mass hypnosis of the media. 

What condition does hundreds of hours of T.V. News, PROGRAMS, and Movies create in a person. Does it strengthen their information base?  Does it groom their ability to absorb information with healthy skepticism, analyze the facts and come to a REASONED opinion?  No. One cannot do this by hypnosis. 

What did they know about this all the way back in the 1920s? 

“Suggestibility is heightened by practice.  A person who has been put frequently into the hypnotic state becomes increasingly suggestible. Dr Rivers has pointed out, for example, that the object of military drill is to heighten the suggestibility of the private soldiers so that they may respond immediately and unquestioningly to the commands of their officers. (Apendix to  “Instinct and the Unconscious” Cambridge, 1921)” 

We watch Television almost always in an “altered state,” a state that is “light hypnosis.” One cannot discover the truth of anything, until this habitual behavior of T.V, addiction is conquered, the set turned off, and watched only for short periods of time, “consciously” accepting and rejecting what is true and false according to the “principles” you have to develop away from this medium. And better, examining what is the purpose for each story, what is its psychological-operation.  What is it they want you to FEEL.  

Dr Thouless further states, “The success of a suggestion also depends on how far it conflicts with the mental organization of the person receiving it – with his principles, prejudices, etc.”

But, what happens when all a person knows he has learned in a suggestible hypnotic state before the tube? Or via movies? What happens when the person does not actually have any principles NOT programmed by the Mind Control Experts.  For that person, learning anything new, anything real has to feel like dying, like completely losing one's self. 

“It will be received with difficulty if he has a well organised system of belief or of principles of conduct with which it conflicts.”

This is why the media has pressed moral relativism and taught Solipsism, to remove from you, any principled ability to judge anything for yourself.  The media constantly provides you with a false debate, a FAKE debate on Cable T.V., 24/7, created in the Brainwashing methods of the Hegelian Dialectic. You take one side or the other, and argue the FALSEHOODS, day in and day out on social media. 

“It (the hypnotic suggestions) will be received most readily if there is previously existing in his mind a disposition to accept it.  It is not true (although it is often stated) that, even under hypnosis, a man can never be made to do anything he believes to be morally wrong.”  Then he explains that the more often a person leaves themselves open to “suggestibility” the more the person's own principles can be subverted.  And that in deep hypnosis, (what we today call Mind Control and Brainwashing) not only can a person's principles be subverted, but their core personality can be permanently altered.

Under MASSIVE Hypnosis, following 9/11 this society CHEERED as their last rights were taken away, as their legal system was destroy, as Congress and the Court became mere “show bodies.”  You see, you were not just asleep, you were engaged in the cause of your SLAVER, helping him . . . yessa-massa . .  to enslave you, cheering for the enslaving laws, after all we had those emotional phrases, “National Emergency” and “Patriot Act.”  This is far worse than merely being asleep, this is sanity having been removed, this is a foreign set of values installed at your core, this is you becoming a functioning puppet, thinking and speaking thoughts that were antithetical to your SURVIVAL in Liberty and maybe, just maybe contrary to your physical survival as well.  Time will tell. 

This is just the simplest most basic thesis on hypnotic suggestion, which I have outlined. One has to realize that the CIA Mind Control methods, discovered and perfected by decades of experimentation has dimensions not touched here, and is so very much more powerful than this simple premise I have outlined. And what I have outline is HELLISHLY powerful.

The MIND WAR Luciferian Warriors have been conditioning you for decades, so that now, it is very, very difficult for the average person to view objective facts and then by logic, interpret what these facts mean and come to reasoned conclusions, in the REAL WORLD, so that one may then ACT with sanity.  The operation of “emotional thinking” has replaced critical thinking, and people cling to what they “feel” is true, even when objective proof and clear evidence prove that what they “feel” is true, cannot in fact, in the real world, be TRUE. 

Let me give you the most elementary lesson in “factual language” vs “emotional language” in the words of Dr. Thouless:  

“WE can use language in more than one way. When we write or say such a sentence as "Rover is a dog", we are doing no more than stating a fact. Let us call this the ' factual ' use of language.

“Now let us suppose that one of Rover's grandparents was a collie, another was an Irish terrier, another a fox terrier, and the fourth a bulldog. We can express these facts by saying that he is a dog of mixed breed. Still we have in no way gone beyond the use of language in the factual manner.

“Suppose, however, that we had called that same animal a 'mongrel'. The matter is more complicated. We have used a word which means the same in fact as does 'dog of mixed breed', but which also arouses in our hearers an emotional attitude of disapproval towards that particular dog. A word, therefore, can not only indicate a fact, but can also suggest an emotional attitude towards it. Such suggestion of an emotional attitude does go beyond mere factual description because our approvals and disapprovals are individual— they belong to ourselves and not to the objects we approve or disapprove of. An animal which to the mind of its master is a faithful and noble dog of mixed ancestry may be a 'mongrel' to his neighbour whose chickens are chased by it.

“Similarly, a Negro may be indicated factually as a 'coloured man' or with strong emotional disapproval and contempt as a 'nigger'. The use of the latter word debases any discussion in which it is used below the level of impartial and objective argument.

“Once we are on the look-out for this difference between factual and emotional meanings, we shall notice that words which carry more or less strong suggestions of emotional attitudes are very common and are ordinarily used in the discussion of such controversial questions as those of politics, morals, and religion. This is one reason why men can go on discussing such questions without getting much nearer to a rational solution of them.”

This art of “emotional language” is the entire structure of T.V. News.  None of it is objective. All of it is stated emotionally for a “suggestive impact.”  The Talking Heads, continually use the plural pronouns, “we are so concerned about x, y or z.”  “we are doing all in our power to help”  “we really need to be thinking about this” constantly including YOU, the listener in the herd.  This is herd hypnosis, creating massive “waves of feelings” in the country, in the society. This was first examined by Dr Trotter in “Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War” and by Dr Rivers in “Instinct and the Unconscious” and by Dr E Prideaux, “Suggestion and Suggestibility” in the 19-teens and early 1920 in the British Journal of Psychology.  And I'm sure most people who read it at the time thought it “egghead mumbo-jumbo”  when in FACT it has become the STATE of American Society. 

“To it” (that is herd hypnotic suggestibility) “are due the waves of feeling which pass over a whole country, such as the anger which is felt when a country is attacked or insulted.  The greater part of the very large mass of opinions which a man has not thought out for himself, he owes to the influence of 'herd-suggestion'. Even in the opinions which he believes he has thought out, he is not free from its effects. His methods of thought, the things he has assumed as axiomatic, are all more or less determined for him by the society in which he finds himself.  Thus herd-suggestion is a powerful force influencing the formation of belief to an extent greater than most people are willing to admit.”

REMEMBER, he was writing in PRE-RADIO days, BEFORE the massive tools of Radio and Television were on the scene.  He understood these facts, when the largest “herd-suggestion” was that of a crowd gathers to hear a sermon or a speech, or the powerful influence of the News Papers of that era.  But even the process of reading a News Paper causes a person to  judge what they were reading.  You cannot read in a semi-sleep state. You cannot read and be disengaged, daydreaming and suggestible.  But you most certainly can be very suggestible while half listening to verbal lectures, droning news, and powerful suggestive images flashed in your eyes as you relax in a half conscious stupor.  The second the media is left droning on, and you think of something else, or your mind goes blank, YOU ARE BEING PROGRAMMED.  And the hypnotic tools they are using, repeating the same emotional stories over and over and over and over - - - can't you see it?  Just like the pocket watch swinging back and forth.

Turn the T.V. OFF.

Praying you will find the power to disconnect yourself from the brainwashing media.  Most people I know talk incessantly about "restoring liberty" - that goal is impossible until you find the FORCE in yourself, to take control of your own psyche and TURN OFF THE T.V.  It isn't an option if you ever again want to experience Liberty.

A German Reporter is blowing the lid off the media propaganda conspiracy I've been screaming about for decades. ALL the Press are Intelligence assets, bought and paid for.

Archpriest Symeon Elias


  1. Excellent write up, Symeon!! Made perfect sense to me, I only wish more "Patriots," would take the time to read your keen observations. Don't ever, quit teaching, and sharing your knowledge, you have indeed been blessed with a gift! Pray for Patience, it takes awhile, for some of us to "Catch On! Thank You! Lee Robbins

  2. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Add to that your prayers please.

  3. Yes, your knowledge and insights are changing the way I see things and encouraging me to believe what I know.

  4. Thank you I have realized this only in part....and only very lately... and have turned off the 24/7 news cycle and pray daily I will continue to understand the truth as it really is... again I thank you.

  5. I have no tv. Cannot think, pray, dead, meditate, listen to God, apply the Bible to my life, otherwise. I go elsewhere when needed to watch. Never in your bedroom. Thank you for information I can utilize.

  6. This helps me understand my own inability to sit for any length of time with the TV on. It has always bothered me, made me anxious to the point that I have to leave the room. I thought myself short brained and probably my family did as well. For whatever reason, now I'm thankful for it. Thank you once again, for providing a forum of understanding. Deeply appreciated.

  7. Folks, if you have read this link above, I want to add some insights to the recent, attempted character assassination, leveled by the Intelligence establishment against President Donald Trump - I reference Golden-Showergate- presented by Buzzfeed and hyped by CNN. Now listen to the bending of language. It was not stated as it was, "A list of unsourced, unsubstantiated RUMORS". No rather is was "a detailed thirty-five page Intelligence Dossier" and "official classified three page summary of which, created by the intelligence establishment" "was shared with Trump during an INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING". They could have added that the "Classified Summary of the 35 page Classified Dossier was carried to Trump via an Intelligence Attache'" etc.etc., etc.. All the "bending words" in CAPS DETAILED thirty-five page INTELLIGENCE DOSSIER, OFFICIAL CLASSIFIED SUMMARY, created by the INTELLIGENCE ESTABLISHMENT, shared in an official INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING, etc. All hypnotic-pure psyops, employed to make a list of unsourced, and falsely sourced, RUMORS, i.e. invented FICTIONAL BULLSHIT seem that it was something more.

    They use these methods on us constantly. Like with the Russian Hacking of the Election - the headline blaring across the screens of ALL the psyops T.V. networks. When in the details NONE of the intelligence agencies have been willing to stand behind the so-called "hacking" statement. The word "hacking" is loaded and used in the headline, but the details lists only the conclusion of "trying to influence."

    Not a words about the ACTUAL in the REAL world collusion (and in this instance, collusion is not used as a "bending word" but a factual word) by the Hilliary Clinton Campaign's work with Ukrainian officials to try to destroy Trump through Paul Manifort.

    Another "bending phrase" is "substantial agreement" as in there is substantial agreement between x.y.and z, used in replace of we have ACTUAL in the REAL WORLD EVIDENCE. etc.

    And of course, we know that beyond the "bending words and phrases" come the absolute lies. "Saddam Hussein tried to buy yellow cake uranium in Africa to restart his nuclear program" - total LIE.

    We have to be wise as the serpent, become familiar with the "bending words" that cause us by preconditioning to draw conclusions NOT STATED.


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