Monday, February 15, 2016

Painful Awakenings

Only Painful Awakenings create real change. Most times it takes shock. For many MSNBC hypnotized Democrats and many more Fox Hypnotized Republicans, Barrack Obama, and the GOP, Congress of Traitors, has been shock enough to at least genuinely challenge many millions to actually WAKE UP.

I don't know how many thousands of times, I have witnessed the words cross my very active FB Page and groups, where people literally scream from their gut, 
"What?  How can that be?  I thought this was America." 
"Why don't they impeach him?"  
"How could the congress do that?"  
"How could the Supreme Court defecate on the Constitution?" 
"How could they abandon our men in Benghazi?"  
"How could they intentionally set up the ambush that killed most of Seal Team Six?" (Extortion 17) 
"How could they purposely run guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels, and empower drug lords in Mexico?" (Operation Fast and Furious)
"How could the IRS persecute Tea Party Groups and NO ONE pay, no one held accountable?"

"How can they allow Jihadi immigrants and unvetted illegals into our country?"  
"Why don't they enforce the existing laws and control the Border?
and on and on and on the outrages go.

They are like dogs in the street not recognizing the danger of traffic, only to feel the pain, and howl, and still be uncomprehending about what it is that has wounded them.

When one wakes up, and steps out of the comfortable matrix, with all its soothing "certainties" and sees what these Globalist Criminal Psychopaths have done to our country, if one is a normal human being, one goes through the normal stages of grief, since what one is giving up is the innocence of a child to say it kindly, (or the bliss of ignorance - to say it less kindly.  That "innocence" is a part of what one has been, a part of ones own identity. "I'm a proud Conservative. Bush was an awesome president." "I'm a proud Liberal, Clinton was an awesome president" etc. -

I will tell you that I have grieved deeply for my country, for the loss of the Republic, for the debt placed upon my children and grand children, for the destruction of America's core Christian culture. And I'm not talking about some longing for theocracy, merely for willing decency in the public square.

Instead we have been subjected to a grand social experiment, ripping the foundations of our society from under us, enslaving us and keeping us entertained as they extracted our nation's wealth, fed Marxism and Islam to our innocent children, and hobbled us with Cultural Marxism, you know as Political Correctness.  All the while claiming that free speech stifling Cultural Marxism was actually a better version of the previous decency.  What they mean by civil discourse is NEVER state the Truth.

Here are the stages of awakening:

First there is denial and isolation. Most people to whom I say true things, immediately deny it, and isolate themselves from me. Some come back again and again, like a moth to the flame.  No truer statement was ever made than George Orwell's reflection that "In a society of universal lies, to speak truth is an act of revolution."  In that way, I am most certainly a revolutionist. 

Second there is ANGER - as they begin to see reality they scream. "How can this be?" "Who is to be punished." "What the hell can we do about it!?" etc.

Then comes the Bargaining - if we could just elect John McCain, Mitt Romney, take control of the House and Senate - and surely the answer it a strong Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Constitution or Communist party - the Bargaining has not and will not work. Even if Trump is elected that is only a point of BEGINNING, the beginning of a CHANCE to alter the direction of this country, to BEGIN to restore privacy and liberty.

Next is Depression - like mind numbing grief, haunting every moment of breath, as the magnitude of what has been lost in history, of the carnage caused, the hundreds of million dead, the nearly two billion abortions worldwide in this last thirty years, - most paid for through American Tax Payer DEBT the millions of persecuted, slaughtered, displace and suffering Christians, etc. etc.  One could write a book the size of the Unabridged English Dictionary just listing the atrocities of the last 60 years of overt and covert, government and shadow government "actions."  

Then finally comes acceptance and even militancy toward what is True and REAL, the willing, even enthusiastic search for and acceptance of Truth, because ONLY Truth will give us the tools to alter the course of our present tyranny. You can't fix it, if you cannot name it, if you cannot admit what it is, you will never place a name on it.

We are battling Globalism. It has been the underlying philosophy and goal of every action of the Federal Government for 60 plus years, the "INTEGRATION OF Nations, into some Globalist super structure, to prevent Nation States from warring with Nuclear Weapons. Globalism has created chaos across the Globe and plunged American into generational debt, and destroyed our Republic.  Donald Trump is a NON-Globalist, an America FIRST Nationalist. That is why you heart identical attacks against him from the left and the right, Bernie Sanders says the same things about him that Jeb Bush says.  


The Birth of Globalism

Read More about the Birth of Globalism

"Everything in D.C. Is a Lie"  Donald J. Trump.

The Ghost of the Republic

Are Your Thoughts Controlled By the New World Order

American Zombification 

An American Speaks

All fantasies have to be rejected from the deepest parts of our psyche, or the evil powers that be will use our delusions, to create illusions as they lull us toward soft and hard genocide.

Please understand, what Donald Trump is doing, is not running for President, all the Globalist Puppets are doing that inside the FAKE political system.  Donald Trump is attempting to SMASH that system of control.

The Control Mechanism

Let this Harvard Professor explain to you, how 132 people were in total control of the political process in America, UNTIL Trump started SMASHING IT.

This Harvard professor of Law and Ethics (now there is a mind twister) explains cogently why 132 people in the U.S. totally control the election process and select the candidates. He also explains without realizing it how the Secret Government or Shadow Government controls the elections, since the CIA and the Elite are ONE. He also explains without realizing it the quandary Donald Trump causes for the election system, since he is not dependent upon the Elite for money. Anyone objectively viewing this data, would have to deny blue skies and smiling babies, to deny that the elections in the U.S. are total theatre. Mere "selections" by the Elite. Trump is a threat to this system, but no other candidate is, because they are dependent upon this system for money.


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