Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump's Win in N.H., Globalism etc.

Do you remember the dumb-ass George W. Bush, who told you a day or two after 911, that Islam was "THE Religion of Peace"? 

Well, one of the FIVE PILLARS of the Dhimmi Bush Crime Family, and the FACE of the Marxist confounding of the democratic processes at the 2012 Tampa GOP Convention, was/is John Sununu.

IF you watched John Kasich's second place speech last night, (New Hampshire Primary) you should understand what it means that he OPENED with paying homage to the NeoCon/Cultural Marxist/Dhimmi, John Sununu, saying that he owed his New Hampshire second place (by minus 50%) victory to who else BUT, JOHN SUNUNU.

SO, IF, you are willing to submit to NeoCon/Dhimmi/Cultural Marxist Globalist Rule, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, in South Carolina, Nevada and Florida, VOTE for John Kasich, OR ANY OF THE OTHER NeoCon/Dhimmi/Cultural Marxist Globalist Puppets.


Charles Wright Mills, the sociologist/historian/political commentator, who wrote the classic "The Power Elite" (1956) said in another book "The Causes of World War III" "We are at a curious juncture in the history of human insanity . . .(where) . . .In the name of realism, men are quite mad, and precisely what they call utopian is now the condition of human survival."

That was the thinking 60 years ago, that guided these last 60 years, i.e. the idea that Globalism (Utopian World Peace, through national integration into Global Governance) was the only answer to the challenge of competing nations with nuclear weapons. They really saw the push to world government as the only means of human survival.

Please watch this short video. It is George Herbert Walker Bush making public what had been the plan of the Council on Foreign Relations for more than half a century at the time these statements were made. Subsequent to this open announcement of the New World Order, (a completely reordered world - that is what Bush said) a group came together building upon what John Foster Dulles had created in his "Project for the American Century" and created the Blueprint following the Fall of the Old Soviet Union, called "The Project for the New American Century."  Tell me if any of the good and moral promises Bush made have come true, or if quite the opposite has been the result of this American New World Order, Empire Building.   Oddly enough, the Project for the New American Century included all the hell we have witnessed the last two decades.

Who was/is George Herbert Walker Bush, but the successor to the Shadow Government created by Allan and John Foster Dulles. His career began inside a CIA Front Company, he  became Director of the CIA, then Vice President and President. His whole life about been about creating Globalist Control.

I doubt that Mills could have envisioned the time that it would be Globalism that was wrecking havoc across the planet, instead of nation-states with nukes,  destroying stable governments and leaving those nations wastelands of chaos, carnage, barbarism, even genocide (to save the planet from man).

His Utopia rather created DIStopia.
Rather than cooperation it created enslaving empire and oppression, vassal states of once great nations, like the nations of Europe, subservient to the higher orders (like NATO - the TPP, NAFTA, TAP, The World Bank, the IMF, The World Court etc., etc - Actually the Anglo-American Empire) with a ruling elite acting like the Pigs of Animal Farm and offering socialist poverty to the masses to suppress them as they are eliminated by soft and hard genocide.  Don't think this is fantasy or just the means abroad, look what Government PURPOSELY did to the people of Flint Michigan in 2015.

If one learns the history of the creation of the Globalist Apparatchik, its supposed high moral intentions, (to save mankind from nuclear holocaust) its present reality becomes glaringly obvious. Those who are ignorant of the history scream "conspiracy theory" just like their CIA minders have conditioned them to scream. Or they call delving into that history, "going down a rabbit hole."  However, those ignorant of history, cannot change the course of that history.

What Mills could not imagine, is that the "mad men" in the Eisenhower Administration, who were advocating constantly for the use of Nuclear Weapons for "conquest" would create the Globalist Apparatchik.  It was/is literally the STATED GOAL of world domination, outlined in the State Department Document authored by John Foster Dulles, the blueprint for Globalism, entitled, "The American Century." By the way, John Foster and Allan Dulles, who were the most vocal proponents of preemptive use of nukes, at the time Secretary of State and the first Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, respectively, were already creating the Shadow Government that would take control of America, and become the Global Apparatchik. And rather than benign peace, it has created global chaos and genocide.


I think I would rather see my children, and their children and grand children, take their chances with the Nation/State, called America, with a self-professed America FIRST Nationalist in the Oval Office, than treated like herd stock by the Globalist Apparatchik in the New World Order.

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