Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Horror of Eminent Domain

What?  Are you joking!  Are you the joker?

Tell me please. Have you ever flown out of, into, or made connection at the busiest airport in the world, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport?

Have you ever had a loved one who made connections through the Atlanta Airport? There is an old joke in the South, that when you die, you have to make connections at Hartsfield, on your way to heaven.
Chances are very good, that if you live in the United States, or a great portion of the world, you or someone close to you has used the CONVENIENCE of Atlanta's very large, very efficient Airport.  I say this because EIGHTY MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR, move through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 

If you have experience the convenience of Travel through the Atlanta Airport, you have been BLESSED, yes, BLESSED by the exercise of Eminent Domain.

My Dad, owned a restaurant and three houses, that stood at the entrance way to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport.  My mother ran the restaurant, and I was busing tables there in the early 1950s.  One day a letter arrived and shortly a lawyer showed up.  Do you really believe that my Dad had the RIGHT, under some warped idea of private property law, to stand in the way of the BILLIONS of travelers that over the years have move across the property that was my Mom's restaurant and Dad's rental houses? 

Our family hired a lawyer, and we cursed our personal inconvenience, but did Dad have the Constitutional RIGHT to stand in the way of the kind of progress that created the massive prosperity in Metropolitan Atlanta, a progress and prosperity that would not have happened without the Atlanta Airport?

And THINK!  We might call the Atlanta Airport a "public institution" but . . . Uuuuuuugh BUT, it was for the purpose of leasing space to CORPORATIONS that ran AIRLINES.

The JOKER at the top of the page, would have you believe that Donald J. Trump exercised Eminent Domain and kicked a poor widow lady to the curb and bulldozed her home.  THAT IS A BOLD FACED LIE FROM THE KING OF SLEAZE, Teddy the Canadian Cruz.  When in fact, Trump offered her FIVE MILLION Dollars for the property and sweetened the deal with permanent residence in a Suite at a swank Trump Hotel, or HER choice.

The sad woman, for sentimental reasons, or for pride, or for greed refused his offer and it COST HER, Four Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars.  How do I know that?  Because it is PUBLIC RECORD. Because that is what she got for the property when she decided to sell - that is 700K.

If you are buying the Joker's meme about Donald Trump and the HORRORS of Eminent Domain, you deserve the title STUPID, and the STUPID Government you are willing to support.


  1. Thank God that you took to the keyboard and wrote the truth.
    This LIE has been alive way too long.

  2. In your graphics Ted Cruz is depicted as The Penguin. I think that suits him better than The Joker. The Penguin is a trickster that lures his victims in with lies and deception. When he is exposed for what he is he turns violent. In similar fashion Cruz lies and deceives. When he is caught he throws a couple of Christian platitudes out there and his moronic supporters forgive all.

  3. While eminent domain is not always popular, it is oftentimes quite necessary and people usually receive more for their property than they could get in a private sale.


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