Wednesday, March 1, 2017

FAKE NEWS praise of Donald Trump, what does it mean?  
Is this (1) leftist strategy in the face of the inevitable (2) a temporary truce to try to diminish the size of this Saturday's Pro-Trump rallies (3) fear that Trump is about to put millions of people in the streets to counter the Soros Mobs and shatter the FAKE NEWS Media's basic lie, that America hates Trump or (4) a genuine statement of admiration?

Of course, we know that Van Jones is a pillar of truth and has never spun a lie for "The Agenda."

You have to eliminate 4, because it is the Gramsci Marxist and Alinskyite Van Jones speaking. So it has to be 1, 2 and 3.

Did you notice in the video above, the FAKE NEWS wonks using the EXACT SAME PHRASES?  They all sounded like parrots reading a script.  No, they have not changed their goal to destroy Trump, they have merely taken on a new, and probably very temporary strategy. Last week Trump threatened to put millions of people in the streets, to create the largest demonstration in human history, and as I have said many times, this is RAW POLITICAL POWER, and he has the power to do just that, call for and get, the largest demonstration in human history.  He merely threatened and the FAKE MEDIA is falling all over themselves to APPEAR TO BE MODIFYING their incessant Trump Bashing.  Why, for reasons 1, 2, and 3.

BTW, pro-Trump rallies are on for all over the country the Saturday "MARCH 4 Trump"

I want to share what I shared with my prayer group:

Do you remember the dark days when we started this prayer group? Initially called Prayers for Edward Snowden and all Truth Tellers. Think about the massive amount of TRUTH that has been revealed in the last four years!
A friend commenting on Trump's joint session speech said:

"Our President was magnificent last night. Indeed he was Anointed! Praise the Lord! Prayer availeth much!" Indeed it is so, think about the sea change in America's direction.

Most importantly the LIAR and his Fake New Media has been thoroughly exposed. And stupidly the demonic liecontinue but they are fooling no one. Killing the Globalist Sovereignty-Destroying Trade Deals and walking us out of the Paris Climate Agreement was uuuuuugh. Yet, the idiot Chuck Schummer said this morning that Donald Trump has not been able to govern in his first 40 days. Is that true? Then he said that Trump's claims of accomplishment in his Joint Session speech was pure fantasy. Which one is speaking fantasy? The contracts for the Wall will be awarded this week, that is going to be one uuuuuuuuuugh fanciful WALL.

INDEED, prayer availeth much! Let us redouble our prayers, because this WAR has just begun.

FOLKS if you can make it to one of the pro-Trump demonstrations on Saturday, please do.

Lord, expose every liar - in Jesus' Name - Amen!

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