Thursday, March 9, 2017

FAKE-Stream Media Psyops HIT-JOB.
In the FAKE-Stream Media, in the first month of Trump's presidency, 54 percent of broadcast news time (ABC, NBC and CBS) was spent on Trump, and 88 percent of that "coverage" (read psyops) was "harsh and negative." Nothing we did not already know, but now documented by the Media Research Center and published by the Washington Times.

When a chorus of life-long observers, including yours truly, who has observed presidential politics since 1960, speaking of the media psyops say, "this is the worst I have ever seen," that is not an exaggeration. This flood of constant criminal innuendo and outright LIES, makes the Deep State's war on Nixon look like a lovefest. It is clear from the evidence, the Deep State is in a panic, they and their CONTROLLED MEDIA have failed the task they were assigned by the Globalist Puppet Masters, meaning their value as a useful tool to them is now greatly diminished. I tweeted this morning: Archpriest Symeon ‏ @FrSymeonElias

The Deep State is DEADLY and in a panic, having their major Globalist Goals destroyed (TPP & Paris CC).

This is CIVIL WAR [LINK] (The Counter-Revolution Fifty Three Years in the Making) [LINK]

THE GREATEST NON-REPORTED STORY OF 2016 [LINK] was the defeat of the Cultural Marxist/Globalist "Climate Change" agreement, which happened in Marrakesh, Morocco, JUST BECAUSE Trump was elected.

"Did you know that in Marrakesh, Morocco, on November the 7th, 2016 opened the sequel to the Paris Global Warming Conference? Did you know that gathered there were representatives from 202 Nations ready to make the Globalist Goals of the Marxists, the Law of the World, by binding international treaty? What was merely a non-binding Paris agreement, was to become binding international law, the Marrakesh Climate TREATY. Here is the good part. They gave Eco-militant speeches all day on election day, November 8th, and adjourned on the 9th CRUSHED, no treaty, no agreements and not even a statement to the press. "

What has the FAKE-Stream Media reported about the MASSIVE Globalist DEFEAT? NOTHING.

Tools for the battle: Understanding the battleground, the weapons and tactics of the enemy and the weapons and tactics we have at the ready. [LINK]

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