Sunday, March 26, 2017

For my Judaize Evangelical Friends:

You can't handle the truth! These Independent Baptists, Biblical Fundamentalists, reflect the teaching of the Scriptures, the Apostles and the Early Church Fathers on the subject of Jews and Israel better than the teaching of the Official Roman Magisterium, and what you will hear from the average Cultural Marxist and/or Modernist Orthodox Bishop.  If you doubt me, take the time to watch this, study the associated scriptures, the writings of the likes of Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Augustine and others, on the subject. Then, share with me the LIE told in this video.  Really, I am curious to hear about the part that is a lie.


 The Real Axis of Evil:

The Shadow Government/Jewish Controlled Media

Zionist-Christianism and the Truth of Talmudic Judiasm.

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