Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bryan Flood and the MIND WAR.

Bryan Flood posted Psy-opts (fake) Polls showing Trump losing to Clinton, on one of my threads. The GOP Criminal Cartel is trying to create the illusion that Trump's salacious words eleven years ago are torpedoing his campaign. So I took the opportunity to exposed Bryan Flood for the Psy-Opts agent he is. After I accused him of being a Psy-Opts operative for the Globalists, he proved it. After I stated the fact that his poll was Psy-Opts and fake, he replied:

Bryan Flood writes:
Um, I kinda do this sort of thing for a living. All polls have some implicit bias. You just need to understand that fact going in and account for it. That's why you need to look at trends across multiple surveys. And if I'm an idiot, y'all are delusional. But let's not call each other names... 😏
2 hrs

Butch Robinson writes:
"Kind of do it for a living" - no joke jake. You are a psy-opts agent. Get off my page, you lying ass.
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Bryan Flood
Butch Robinson Um, what? Seriously, man, I've been a spokesman for a GOP governor and a GOP presidential candidate. I'm not trying to be an asshole. But the facts are the facts. The polling strongly suggests he's gonna tank in four weeks.
1 hr

Butch Robinson
Thank you for proving my point. Your facts are LIES. The entire GOP is nothing but a Globalist puppet organization. YOU are NOT welcome on my page.

Butch Robinson
BTW you Globalist Puppet, please tell me a single plank of the GOP Platform that has been passed into Law, in the last 30 years. Better than that, tell me the single overarching grand accomplishment of the GOP while they held the White House and both houses of congress for six years of the Bush years.

I can tell you all that the GOP has accomplished, they have helped to usher in Cultural Marxism (you know as Political Correctness) and designed and created the Omni-Surveillance National Emergency Police State. If I have missed something, you Trotskyite, please inform me.
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Bryan Flood
Okay, then... 🙄
1 hr

Butch Robinson
Really, you can't name the great Republican Accomplishment? and you have been "a spokesman for a GOP governor and a GOP presidential candidate"? I know you can't.
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Butch Robinson
Look at this lying Globalist Puppet pretend to patronize me. Trust me, if he could name an accomplishment he would be crowing like a rooster.
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Bryan Flood
Seriously, my friend, I'm not trying to be a jerk. Not sure why you are being so aggressive.
45 mins

Butch Robinson
You don't have to try, you have already succeeded when you came on my page posting Psy-Opts poll numbers.
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Butch Robinson
Here is Byan Flood's "Linkedin" bio: - BTW -  He is for real a Republican Wonk. Spokesperson for Governor John Engler, who lied like a dog to Archbishop Alexander (Bykowetz) to gain the Ukrainian vote in the Detroit area, and renigged on every promise he made to him and allowed ALEC (The most pernicious Globalist Organization) to write all the new legislation that was passed, further destroying the manufacturing and economic base of Michigan, exporting THOUSANDS of jobs to Mexico.

This man LIES for a living.

(Linkedin) - Bryan W. Flood, Senior Vice President-Public Affairs, joined K¹² in 2002. Mr. Flood previously served as a public affairs strategist, consultant, and spokesman for corporations, interest groups, and senatorial, gubernatorial, and presidential campaigns. As vice president at the MPGH Agency, a Virginia-based public affairs consulting firm, he advised clients ranging from high tech start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, including several leading education companies. Mr. Flood helped clients like MCI, The Learning Company, and Achievement Technologies win complex public policy and opinion battles by designing and managing advocacy campaigns at the local, state, and national levels. While serving at MPGH in 1999,
Mr. Flood helped direct a sweeping review of the military recruitment process for the United States Department of Defense. Mr. Flood was chief spokesman for Michigan Governor John Engler’s successful reelection campaign in 1994, and was national spokesman for United States Senator Lamar Alexander’s presidential campaign in 1995-96. Mr. Flood holds a B.A. in public policy from New College of Florida.
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Butch Robinson
"Bryan W. Flood, Senior Vice President-Public Affairs, joined K¹² in 2002." Which also means he is a Cultural Marxist pushing the Common Core Agenda.

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Butch Robinson
Bryan Flood is too slick to openly bash Trump, so the next move is to demoralize you and make you think Trump can't win. Why? His company K 12 Inc, stands to lose badly if Donald Trump kills Common Core. They are heavily invested in the Cultural Marxist curriculum for Common Core.  In fact, it was their founder who introduced the Cultural Marxist agenda into K-12 education in America.

K 12 was founded by William Bennett, who was Ronald Reagans Secretary of Education who signed the Marxist Education agreements with the Soviet Union, beginning the Complete takeover of K-12 Education in America, by the Cultural Marxists - documented by Charlotte Iserbyt in her Book the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.[LINK]
So Bryan W. Flood, really is a Trotskyite, Psy-Opts agent, a foot soldier in WAR AGAINST YOUR MIND, and I KNEW IT from the very first words out of his mouth.

To understand what Bryan W Flood does, here is the history of the hypnotic methods the Mind War uses. This is the history of his basic bag of tricks.[LINK]

Here is a demonstration of Sean Hannity using these methods. [LINK]

News Media vs Propaganda Apparatus [LINK]

Inside Donald Trump's Head - here you will find the answer as to why K12 Inc. needs to defeat Donald Trump. [LINK]  "
I’m not part of the corrupt system. In fact, the corrupt system is trying to stop me. I’ve been paying my own way. The voters in the Republican Party this year defied the donors, the consultants, the power brokers, and choose a nominee from outside our failed and corrupt and broken system."  - Donald Trump

A Demonstration of a Psy-Opt Meme generator.[LINK]


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