Friday, October 21, 2016

Hillary and Her Incestuous Family of Globalist Puppets.

Let me walk you through the incestuous world of Globalist Puppets. Here we have this email from long time aide Neera Tanden, to Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta, questioning Hillary Clinton's sanity. Really suggesting that she has to be insane or is lying to her. If Hillary was lying, Tanden suggests that the reason might be "a Don Baer intervention."
Who is Don Baer?
Long time Psy-Opts Professional, co-owner of the "Research Group" read political-psychological manipulation (Psy-Opts) group, Penn, Schoen & Berland.
Who is the Schoen of "Penn, Schoen & Beriand"?
None other than Douglas Schoen.
And who is Doug Schoen?
You know his face well from FOX NEWS: "Douglas E. Schoen has been paid millions of dollars by Victor Pinchuk, Ukranian oligarch, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament, and George Soros confederate, to agitate for WAR with Russia."
Who is Victor Pinchuk? A CIA Lackey, through whom the CIA was laundering money to Schoen, to Brainwash the American People that we NEED War with Russia.
And of course we know who Soros is, that is Hillary Clinton's main Puppet Master.

Now here is the import of what I am saying. The aid is concerned that Hillary Clinton's statements are "irrational" actually self-defeating. She posits that Clinton may not be irrational, and what she sees as insanity might just be Hillary bowing to the wishes of her Puppet Masters, "an intervention by Don Baer," partner of Doug Schoen, both employed by a CIA/Ukrainian agent, close friend to George Soros, who is DYING to create war between the U.S and Russia.

Oh, BTW, this fellow Douglas Schoen, you have lapped up his Psy-Opts spew for YEARS like thirsty dogs, ASSUMING that he was an EXPERT, and even though a Democrat was sort of a Goofy, GOOD GUY, who LOVED his Country etc., etc., etc., etc., WAKE UP, PLEASE. These people are psychopaths.

I told you these people are psychopaths and are purposely trying to create War with Russia. I told you YEARS ago that the New World Order intended to conquer Russia, and after Putin's NWO Order speech I told you that they would turn to sabotage (and for a period of about a year after that, Russia could not make a successful satellite launch - they kept blowing up on take off.[LINK] The exact same engines used by NASA functioned perfectly. And I told you that if sabotage and shaming did not work, next would come sanctions, proxy wars and finally hot war - direct conflict. We are to the last of their options and it is full court press to create hot war, direct conflict, with Russia.

"Douglas E. Schoen has been paid millions of dollars by Victor Pinchuk, Ukranian oligarch, former member of Ukrainian parliament, and George Soros confederate."

What was he paid to do?
"Schoen has moved beyond “Clinton Cash” style corruption and into agitating for a war between the United States and Russia."

Now THINK about this familiar face from FOX news, a supposed expert on "international affairs, terrorism, and homeland security" and while he is brainwashing you, he is paid millions of dollars by the CIA, laundered thru a CIA Ukrainian Front, to do that brainwashing here at home. And his job was not just to brainwash YOU, but to condition the Puppets in Congress to the idea of WAR WITH RUSSIA.[LINK]

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