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Did "" Fall for Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda?


We have to become much wiser than the folks at Bare Naked Islam, Gateway Pundit and a slew of other sites that Parroted the propaganda, if we are going to have prayer of defeating this monster. This article blames Vladimir Putin of Russia, for Ambassador Christopher Steven's death. It is claimed to be authored by an X-Muslim Brotherhood member, Mark Christian (who was slated to become an influential leader of the Muslim faith).
Remember Mark Christian's name HE IS A GROTESQUE FOOL, OR A MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD DISINFORMATION OFFICER. I vote for the latter. Ask yourself, if Christian was even today a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (which I think he is) what would he know of the plots between Iran, Russia and Syria? That he claims to be an ex-member of the MB, does that make his perceptions any keener? 
Do you find it a little convenient that this ex-Muslim Brotherhood member, manages to absolve the MB from any responsibility, while he serves up the scapegoats, Russia, Iran and Syria.  - Amazing how gullible reasonable and normally intelligent people can be!

Please read the text below the picture before you click this link to read the article, so you will be equipped to see the total fabrication this article represents.


Facts, circumstantial facts no doubt, but a preponderance of circumstantial facts point to the fact that the night of Benghazi was a botched kidnapping plot. I honestly believe that two Muslim Brothers (Obama and Morsi) conspired to kidnap Stevens, so that he could be exchanged for Omar Rahman - the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing. Morsi (last summer 2012) had publicly asked for Rahman's release, promising that he would be kept under "house arrest" in Egypt. All summer there were planted stories about Obama considering sending Rahman to Egypt. (Google it. People were outraged at the idea.) 

You see, Rahman was a professor at Cairo University and the foremost Koranic scholar in Sunni Islam. He was kicked out of the country by Mubarak, because he was also the darling of the Muslim Brotherhood. He came to New Jersey where he planned and executed the plot for the first World Trade Center Bombing.

When the gunmen arrived in Benghazi they said to the muslim security force, "Don't shoot! the Doctor sent us." Morsi is known as "the doctor" in the Ummah. Had the heroes of Benghazi not refused to stand down, Stevens would have been taken alive, and then exchanged for Rahman - Obama would have come off looking like someone able to deal with "Radical Islam." Morsi would have been a hero in Egypt (because of Rahman's popularity among Sunni Muslims) and the Egyptian Revolution would have never happened. The elite lost control of the dialectic that night and have been in panic mode ever since to regain control. They sure lost control of the public-image in Egypt, because the people of Egypt suddenly became aware that Obama and Morsi were not just allies but co-conspirators, and both Muslim Brotherhood.  This article by Christian is part of the effort to regain the dialectic.  Obama has been trying to paint Putin as "the monster" for quite some time. Especially after Putin blocked Obama/Muslim Brotherhood ambitions in Syria, and even more so when the Muslim Brotherhood lost control of Egypt.

Whether the plot was foiled by the American Heroes of Benghazi who REFUSED TO STAND DOWN, or whether the plot was foiled by Syria, Russia and Iran or both is of little consequence to the criminality of the kidnapping plot itself, and the blood on Obama and Morsi's hands. 

After you read the Propaganda link above, read this text below and if you have time watch the video. 

Obama's New Ally, Al Qiada:

This is pretty chilling hearing Obama and Clinton mouthing the exact same words as Al Qiada leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. With the events in Syria, it is all too obvious that Obama and Al Qiada have formed an alliance. Their goals in Syria are exactly the same. This is also a pretty good video, giving the details of the subversion of the revolution. However, it misses a major point - it never mentions the Muslim Brotherhood and links the Saudis - Obama and the British in a conspiracy to take down Assad. What it does not explain is that Obama and the British allied with the Muslim Brotherhood betrayed the Saudis. The Saudis were backing the Syrian opposition Army, NOT the "Third Element" which is the Muslim Brotherhood's Al Qiada fighters. The five billion sent to the Egyptian Army by the Saudis following the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi, tells the story of it.

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