Monday, August 12, 2013

New Atlantis and Luciferianism.

The Motive, The Blueprint, The Icons of The New World Order

I recently re-read Francis Bacon's "New Atlantis" his homage to a Scientistic Dictatorship/New World Order, complete with an unelected, despotic-enlightened ruling elite, and high priests that were scientists.  I read this first more than forty years ago, and had forgotten his description of the grand Icon Hall where were statues of every significant inventor, which were venerated by the people.  It was amazing that Bacon created a mythical "christianized" tower of Babel that we are living inside today. The fact that he saw into this age so clearly is not a matter of him being a prophet. It is a matter that the ruling Elite have taken much care to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Bacon couched his arrogant Utopia inside a plot of Apostolic "magic" preformed by the Apostle Bartholomew, as a propaganda cover to make his Luciferian scheme look Christian. And a great portion of Christianity has become just that, Luciferian that is: removed from the reality of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, and formed in alliance with the spirit, power and ruler of THIS world in this age, who is Lucifer. 

Bacon's description of the structure of his utopia, exactly fits the structure of the present New World Order. In his version, the wise men, with the aid of the "experts" rule by fiat, for the good of all. Of course in Bacon's wild fantasy these leaders are pillars of benevolent love and the government is totally without corruption down to the least minor official, who preforms his duties with meticulous courteous seriousness. It is a land totally without want. As you can see even though the structure has been realized in the form of the harmonious actions of the main actors, the United States Federal Government (USA), The British Royal Academy of Science, The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Trilateral Commission, The World Bank, The Federal Reserve, The United Nations Education, Scientific and Culture Organization, The United Nations Proper, The Council On Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group, The Club of Rome, The Muslim Brotherhood, like the great god Hydra - it is one. 

(Seeing the cooperation between the NWO and the Muslim Brotherhood in the last decade and particularly and glaringly in the last two years we have to conclude that the NWO has sanctioned the MB and taken it under its wings.)

However, contrary to Francis Bacon's fantasy, rather than wise men having created paradise, evil, greedy, arrogant, power hungry men are creating greater and greater levels of hell on earth. Rather than the bastions of education and science being about discovery of truth for the benefit of people, they institute technological apartheid. Massive technological advancement of the Scientistic Elite are hidden under secrecy, claimed for the purpose of "national security"; every major discovery is first weaponized, and its peaceful uses NOT shared.  Bacon's Christianized Tower of Babel with all its wonderful and good motives was derailed by the prince of this world, co-opted by evil where for centuries now good men having believed a lie have worked tirelessly (and still do) in the employ of evil men who had casted their lot with the primary evil that inhabits this planet, Lucifer, his killing agent, Satan, and every demonic angel and fallen spirit in their Cabal. 

The tower that they have erected is a grand killing machine, granting physical power to Lucifer, allowing him to project power into the physical world he himself does not have right nor power to project on his own. Ever wondered why if Lucifer hates humanity so, why he just doesn't wipe it out? Were God's mercy and protection removed from humankind, humanity would be extinct in a day or two. Spiritual evil is restrained in this age, unable to produce man's extinction. However, God granted to men free will, and the ability to physically act in this world. Now, delusional men who deny Lucifer's existence, empower him. The shadowy leaders, the real power-core of this material-mechanism of the New World Order are of no delusion, they know Lucifer exists and honor him, having made pact with him. 

If you doubt "The Culture of Death" that is the goal of these Malthusian mad men, do your own research, don't take my word for it. They have financed 1.6 Billion abortions in the world in the last thirty years, purposely retarded development in the "developing nations" allowing tens of millions and maybe more to die of privation, starvation, wars, genocides, and diseases that have long ago been conquered, for which there are easy and inexpensive cures. This is technological apartheid, compulsory sterilization, abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia for the old. It is to this Scientistic Dictatorship Elite, a Luciferian Killing Mechanism to which we are now enslaved, via compulsory taxation of Obama Care. Thank you very much, Chief Justice Roberts. 

While the SDE predicts doomsday, claiming limited resources they purposely stifle agricultural modernization in developing countries. This planet at the moment produces a mere fraction of the possible food it can, and manufacture capacities of every kind operate at a tiny percentage of capacity. The supposed doomsday scenario vis a vis oil is found to be a fraud, since abiotic oil (oil from non-biological sources) is the second most plentiful liquid on the planet. The Malthusian's predictions of doomsday have one motivation and it is the motivation of Satan - (he who destroys mankind) - and that motivation is murder of as many humans as possible in the shortest amount of time while not being discovered for the murdering mad men they are.  Charles Darwin himself incorporated the Luciferian, Malthus' killing philosophy into his own theory, and birthed "social darwinism" upon which the motive of the SDE is based and Francis Bacon gave the frame work to create the apparatus for that murdering enterprise. Before it is too late we need to "know our enemy" and our enemy's methods and stop cooperating with it. The great "culling" of humankind has been underway for decades and we deny it and ignore it. 

Malachi Martin the famous author and exorcist, talked in an interview on Coast to Coast more than a decade ago about the Luciferian Evil that follows families.  He described how in many families huge demonic evil is intrinsic, as the younger generation is literally initiated into the reality of the demonic "helper" from an early age. When you trace the Luciferian Darwins, generations before Charles Darwin, and the subsequent generations you will see the murderous influence they have been and they are inbred with the Huxley family following the same story.  The first head of UNESCO was a murderous eugenicist a descendant of both Charles Darwin and Thomas Huxley. And of course both Huxley and Darwin (who were best friends) were disciples of Malthus. Look at the history of the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers; I could name a list of key family lines whose contributions are celebrated by a civilization gone insane.  

I would like to share with you a visual created by the same blood line as Frances Bacon, a direct descendant of Francis Bacon's half brother, who oddly enough happens to be named also Francis Bacon. He spent his life visually portraying the distain and utter hatred that family-evil holds for humanity.  When you want to think of the hatred for humanity held by Lucifer and his Scientistic Dictatorship Elite's, Murderous Malthusian New World Order (of which Obama Care is a part) remember these very graphic IKONS of that hatred. 

  If you doubt that men have gone mad, remember that this pure demonic shit sells for tens of millions of dollars inside the cabal of the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite.

Hear this Francis Beacon describe the absolute uselessness of human existence. 

Thinking themselves wise, they became fools. 


Why should we NOT take them at their word.


  1. To The Orthodox Christian Philosopher,

    Thank you for this post and your use of trending art to illustrate your ideas. I also enjoyed this when you wrote about music in the same way. Regarding Francis Bacon, and The New Atlantis, it is true that this interpretation of his work is fashionable right now, mostly because of the writings of Howard B White.

    "In 1968 Howard B. White published Peace among the Willows, the first book-length analysis of Bacon’s “New Atlantis.” White, a political theorist who regards Bacon as a principal shaper of modern political ideas, maintains that it is this utopian work and not one of Bacon’s philosophical treatises that provides the fullest statement of Bacon’s political theory. White is especially interested in what he regards as Bacon’s secularization of politics and glorification of the power of science to serve the interests of the secular state. In developing his argument, White maintains that “New Atlantis” must be read with meticulous care in order to understand Bacon’s complex interweaving and transformation of political iconography, ancient history and fables, religious symbols, scientific methodologies, and pseudo-scientific concepts. White devotes considerable attention to Bacon’s use of religious themes and argues that he manipulates them in order to subvert Christian ideas and transform them into a culturally acceptable justification for a preoccupation with luxury and materialism. According to White, Bacon’s purpose is to transform the human quest from the search for the “heavenly city” to the creation of the well-governed country, and to change the philosophical quest from an effort to understand God, God’s Creation, and humanity’s place in it to a pursuit to understand what humans can make of themselves." ~Stephen A. McKnight

    However, if you would like to see an excellent refutation of this "Luciferian" (in your words) interpretation, I would like to leave you with this link:

    Francis Bacon's deep Christian faith is no doubt a source of anxiety to the cultural atheiesit academics. It is possible that recasting Francis Bacon as a man who assaulted the Christian faith is part of a larger effort to remove Christians from the history of science. Francis Bacon, known rightly as "the father of empirical science," introduced experimentation and direct research as a new design for understanding nature. We know that this was the intellectual shift that enabled our current industry and technology, which has improved the lives of all, not the few. This was one of the chief goals of science, in Bacon's philosophy.

  2. His Christian Faith was subverted by Naturalism and Ecumenicism, and he like some other sought to create a man made utopia. That impulse is identical to the building of the Tower of Babel, mere human pride devoid of TRUE Faith.


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