Friday, September 13, 2013

Truth is Truth Even If Satan States It.

All of the "venting" about Putin's article in the New York Times - please tell me where the following paragraph from that article is wrong?  Is this not what the majority of the American people have been saying, those on the right and on the left?  IS it not TRUE?

"The potential strike by the United States against Syria, despite strong opposition from many countries and major political and religious leaders, including the pope, will result in more innocent victims and escalation, potentially spreading the conflict far beyond Syria’s borders. A strike would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism. It could undermine multilateral efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear problem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and further destabilize the Middle East and North Africa. It could throw the entire system of international law and order out of balance."

Is not the following paragraph TRUE also?

"Syria is not witnessing a battle for democracy, but an armed conflict between government and opposition in a multireligious country. There are few champions of democracy in Syria. But there are more than enough Qaeda fighters and extremists of all stripes battling the government. The United States State Department has designated Al Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, fighting with the opposition, as terrorist organizations. This internal conflict, fueled by foreign weapons supplied to the opposition, is one of the bloodiest in the world."

Is not the following paragraph TRUE also?  Does it not state clearly the cause and situation in Mali? Part of the hellish PAIN of the so-called Arab Spring.

"Mercenaries from Arab countries fighting there, and hundreds of militants from Western countries and even Russia, are an issue of our deep concern. Might they not return to our countries with experience acquired in Syria? After all, after fighting in Libya, extremists moved on to Mali. This threatens us all."

Is not the following paragraph true.  Did I not write about it on the day it happened and say, "We know who is responsible and it isn't the Syrian Government. Assad is a lot of things but he's not stupid or suicidal. For him it is all about survival. It would take a stupid, suicidal fool to gas 1300 people on the afternoon just before the United Nations Security Council was to meet to consider whether or not Assad had previously gassed his people. This is Iraqi or Libyan stockpile given the rebels by CIA, put in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood thug groups Hamas and/or Al Qiada".

AND GUESS WHAT - I NAILED IT. This has been confirmed by German Intelligence, and Russian Intelligence, (for diplomatic purposes leaving out the CIA link) backed up by Italian hostages who were just freed and also by the testimony of another former hostage before a congressional hearing.  Even the NSA/CIA claiming that it was Assad's forces who gassed the people, cannot confirm that it was Assad who gave the order.  Putin didn't say anything different than we all knew in our hearts on the day it happened. How many entries did you see on Face Book and all over the net, the day of the gassing with ordinary people speaking from their GUT calling it a "False Flag?"

"No one doubts that poison gas was used in Syria. But there is every reason to believe it was used not by the Syrian Army, but by opposition forces, to provoke intervention by their powerful foreign patrons, who would be siding with the fundamentalists. Reports that militants are preparing another attack — this time against Israel — cannot be ignored."

Tell me the next paragraph is not also TRUE.

"It is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States. Is it in America’s long-term interest? I doubt it. Millions around the world increasingly see America not as a model of democracy but as relying solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under the slogan 'you’re either with us or against us.”'

Tell what is inaccurate in this next paragraph:

"But force has proved ineffective and pointless. Afghanistan is reeling, and no one can say what will happen after international forces withdraw. Libya is divided into tribes and clans. In Iraq the civil war continues, with dozens killed each day. In the United States, many draw an analogy between Iraq and Syria, and ask why their government would want to repeat recent mistakes."

The only lie he told as far as I can intuit is the following, "My working and personal relationship with President Obama is marked by growing trust. I appreciate this."  That's a lie.  If there is trust in it, it is Obama's abject hope that Putin will allow him to look good at the end of all this.  I highly doubt that will happen.

Now join with me to oppose the CIA involvement in Syria, Obama continued support for Al Qiada, Hamas and all the other thug groups of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the MB itself.  We need legislation making aid to any of these groups a felony.  Obama as committed TREASON, with his support of Al Qiada.  What is treason but direct support, aid and comfort of our enemy?  TREASON. 

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