Friday, September 20, 2013

Piers Morgan and the weird interview of Rick and Kay Warren:

I've tried to remain silent about the very weird interview by Piers Morgan of the heretic and his wife, Rick and Kay Warren, about the suicide of their son.     
I've never judge them nor stated a word about their sad tragedy, and would not dare. However, I will give witnesses and definition to the insanity of their own words and witness.  

According to their own witness: 

In the process of the story they tell, about "knowing" their son had committed suicide . . . after all Kay is on the phone with him and he is saying he is going to do, to suicide. She tries with much effort, according to her own words, "to talk him down from this," but as she relates, to no success. He then hangs up, and from then on he is not answering and she is phoning repeatedly, texting and phoning.  They drive to his house where he lived alone, his car is in the driveway, yet there is no answer at the door.  Tell me at this point what any parent with natural affections would do?  

(a) Kick in the door or Break a window and gain access

(b) Call the police and say, I was on the phone with my son, he said he was going to commit suicide, I drove to his house, his car is here but he is unresponsive.

(c) Go home, take out your magic "hope box" while knowing in your heart his corpse is lying dead, but, instead,  read verses of hope and lull yourself to sleep. (again not my judgement, but their witness) 
(d) Wait till the next day to phone police. (again not my judgement, but their witness) 

This is my judgment: 

I submit to you that this is a DEMONSTRATION of having been removed from NATURAL AFFECTIONS.  What parent of a trouble son or daughter, with a HISTORY of suicide attempts WOULD NOT choose A and B?  But Warren and his wife choose D and E.  Strange, Strange, Strange, Strange. 

I know people will attack me and say I'm "judgmental." I'm merely reporting their own witness and acknowledging that IT IS STRANGE. I am a parent of grown children who knows damn well how I would react. More than that, some of my children are parents of grown children and I know how they would react.  I would not worry about the expense of a door or window, or being embarrassed in front of police to discover that my son had decided to go to a movie instead of killing himself. After all the son lead them to believe he would commit suicide by HIS own witness. I would not waste a moment in doing so.  

Saint Anthony the Great said, "A time is coming when men will go mad.  They will take hold of you and say, 'You are mad.  You are not like us."'  I am NOTHING like the zombies parading as grieving parents on CNN.  These people are walking witness of what anti-christ Christianity looks like, where they had abdicated normal affections and normal reactions and RESPONSIBILITY to "the experts" to the medical and social sciences, and taken refuge in some magical "hope box." 

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  1. Thank God for setting an example of sane, present, responsible person- and parent-hood! Yes! and I shudder at the thought of millions of parents allowing their pre-schoolers to be indoctrinated into luciferian transgender psychology.


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