Saturday, September 21, 2013

Where Are WE? How did we get here?

 If you want to grasp reality and understand what has happened to our Country, take the time to listen to this 25 minute video - recorded exactly 75 days BEFORE 9/11/2001, yet predicted it and explained it. It was ABSOLUTELY prophetic. 

The radio host, is William "Bill" Cooper the first person George W Bush ordered killed following the day of INFAMY, 9/14/2001 when Bush voided the Constitution by declaring a National State of Emergency under the Emergency Powers Act and became the defacto Marxist/Muslim/NeoCon dictator of America. (Which Bill predicted 77 days before) If you take the time to listen to the tape you will understand why Federal agents blew Cooper away, on his front lawn, in front of his family just 57 days later. You will see that we knew about the NSA programs that Snowden exposed from the beginning. And you will understand the REALITY of our circumstances as a country these 12 years later. I know most think they KNOW, but have gained their knowledge from NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, etc. Most DO NOT know but need to know. We are at war and the enemy is inside the Gates in the seats of power. We have seen witness of it everyday since, yet people seem unable to accept what is plain before their faces. 

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