Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Dare I hope? Or has hope led me to naive optimism?

10/1/2013 - The ONE Power Congress did not relinquish under the Emergency Powers Act, (part of the War Powers Act) was the power of the purse. Clinton in cooperation with the Republican Congress November 14, 1994, altered "The Act" and placed this in question. I and others raised such a stink that Clinton altered the language (only a cosmetic cover) on May 14, 1998. He very quietly signed Executive Order #13083, entitled, "Federalism." This left no question that even though all Constitutional Rights were "suspended" in times of a "National Emergency" that Congress or what fraction of Congress survived in time of emergency, retained the power of the purse, unless no remnant of Congress remained. I remember William (Bill) Cooper calling it a "Death Sentence for the Constitution," which has surely been the case, as the last twelve years of NSA Spying and the Ungodly "Patriot Act" and 4.9 years of JIHAD in the White House have proved.

Today, Congress is acting, exercising their power of the purse. It is awkward it is ugly and confuses many. But, just as they funded the Military during the night, last night on a temporary basis, they have the power to fund - (refund) any particular part or program of government they wish, or keep it shut down. They can stipulate (via the changes in language in Executive Order #13083) that particular agency or program is and will remain subject to the Constitutional Limits and exempt from the Emergency Powers Act, exceptions. According to the language of the Act, (Executive Order #13083) this places a cloud over "presidential authority" and leaves legal wiggle room for RESISTANCE.

Further, we could be watching a faux battle between the House and Senate, the Kabuki Play needed to withdraw support from the Dictatorship, without anyone having to publicly proclaim or admit it.

And I could just be engaging in wishful thinking.

We may be witnessing a quiet but powerful push back against the Emergency Power Act Tyranny, that has held seeming absolute power since 9/14/2001 when GW Bush declared a National State of Emergency and at least partial restoration of Congressional Authority.

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