Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Open letter to the House Republicans:

October 2, 2013.

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen of the House of Representatives,

One of the lies President Obama told to get elected was that he would go down the Budget line by line, eliminating waste and duplication. REMEMBER? How was he going to do this without a line-item veto, which has NEVER been passed by Congress? 

Using his "kingly power" which as a candidate he understood he would LEGALLY hold.  He knew that under the Nation Emergency Powers Act he had the power to speak it into existence, merely signing an executive order, as he did passing the "Dream Act" without Congressional participation or approval. 

We The PEOPLE, understand that we have been living under a constantly renewed Nation State of Emergency, under the National Emergency Power Act (part of the War Powers Act) since George Bush declared a national state of Emergency on 9/14/2001.  We understand that the only true power the Congress retains is the power of the purse.  So being, we ask you NEVER to fully fund this Emergency Powers Act Tyranny again. You have the power to do just exactly as Candidate Obama promised, go through every Federal Program, program by program, fund what is CONSTITUTIONAL moral and needed, continue to de-fund what is UN-Constitutional immoral, oppressive, and unneeded.  When the "KING" rails and raves, stomps in public and talks about Constitutionalism being "Terrorism" please state the following BOLDLY: 

"The American People and WE their Representatives will not brook the foolishness of a Dictator and President Obama is not OUR Dictator. We represent the American People and hold the power to disburse or withhold THEIR money. They and WE stand willing to fund ANY GOOD PURPOSE President Obama MAY HAVE and will steadfastly refuse to fund what is blatant violation of Constitutional Governance."

Please also, halt the Black Opts funds to Jihadis around the world. 

Respectfully with Much Prayer for God's Mercy on us all in these challenging times. 
Archpriest Symeon Elias.   
Ukrainian Christian Orthodox Church 

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