Monday, October 21, 2013

The American Congress Vs The Soviet Duma

Can any of you tell me the difference between the Soviet DUMA, under Stalin and the U.S. Congress under our Dictator? 

Show Bodies, ..................check

Representatives from all over the country.................check

Legislators Could offer legislation,
but it would never see the light of day without party approval .........check

Their best career path was to never question and never make waves. . . .check

Any legislator who stood against party authority was demonized in the media, and marginalized for the rest of his career, and if he became too troublesome died of a tragic accident ..........check

The REAL totalitarian situation and the brutality of the police state was NEVER mentioned .......check

The Dictator was never exposed as a Dictator . . . . . check

They all continuously made reference to their Glorious Constitution, whose high minded words of Liberty were never honored. . . . . check

They all had Government Health Care, but better than the common Russian ......check

They pretended to represent the people from their home locality, but actually only represent the interest of the State . . . . check

Here is the only difference. 

The Duma represented only one party that enslaved the Country.

The Congress represents two parties that cooperated to enslave the Country.

Well, unless you count geographic location, and the fact that Stalin had a mustache.

BTW the chambers even looked the same.

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