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October 15, 2013 at 2:25pm

I want to share this HARD REALITY with my friends.

Many in the Tea Party, Libertarian and Conservative movement are constantly talking about “Restoration of Constitutional Governance in America.” It is the sub-theme of most posts and conversations, the debate between what is “presently legal or tolerated” vs what is “constitutional.”

The left, the Muslims and the NeoCons, talk about the Constitution being a “Living Breathing” entity, which to the Left can breath itself into Socialism (which it has) and to the Muslims can breath itself into Sharia Law, “the true Constitution” according to Islam (which is happening), and to the NeoCons can breath itself into the New World Order, the Utopian Internationalism, nations without borders or sovereignty, which is already seen to be rather a massive and ugly Distopia, filled with genocide and every possible anti-God/anti-Liberty corruption.

Different from the Left, the Muslims, and the NeoCons are the Tea Party, Constitutionalists, and true Judeo/Christian Conservatives. They agree in lock step that the Constitution is not a living-breathing entity able to morph into philosophies foreign and antithetical to its core principles, which are LIFE, Liberty and the rights of Private Property.

Where they are confused is the state of constitutional “authority” here in now, at this point in history.

Please, do not confuse me with the TRUTH I am telling – I would LOVE to be Wrong. From the bottom of my heart I wish I was wrong. But I am not. You see, a grief filled, but objective view has to teach us that although Constitutional Principles BURN in our hearts and we long for the justice and fairness represented in those principles, the Constitution itself, in terms of legal authority that govern us is DEAD, at this point in our history. I has been replaced with a totalitarian, authoritarian Socialist/Sharia Compliant police state, with ALL true legislative, judicial and executive powers concentrated in the office of the “president” alone.

If you doubt this, please consider that the only power the Legislative Branch (Congress) reserved to itself against the Tyranny of a “state of national emergency” under the Emergency Powers portion of the War Powers Act WAS the power of appropriation. When “knowing” people screamed about this Constitution Killing legislation, our representatives who were betraying us said, “Don't worry, we will control the money. We can stop any unnecessary-unconstitutional action in a heartbeat by withdrawing funding.”

THIS very day, TODAY, our Dictator, Barrack Obama, is suggesting that he will use “extra-ordinary measures” to keep from allowing the nation to “default on its dept.” In other words, he will usurp the last restraint on his ABSOLUTE POWER. The FEW Liberty Lovers in Congress are refusing to approve any legislation about the “Debt Ceiling” or a “Continuing Resolution” to fund the Government, without a clause “Voiding the President's authority to use extra-ordinary measures for debt payment.”

I'm truly Sorry! I missed this one folks. I studied all the executive orders from Nixon to Obama. This presidential authority was put in place before that, under John Kennedy. And NOW we know the reason for the partial government shut down, and the reason that on the first morning the professionally printed signs appeared suddenly all across the country shuttering OUR property against us. Obama planned for a shutdown, wanted a shutdown, needed a shutdown, to remover from Congress their LAST restraint on his dictatorial powers. It is a catch-22 in which the congress finds itself: they give him authorization to spend what he wants, or he removes from them the power of the purse. Either way this week will see him subsume ALL STATE POWER. AMAZING evil craft!

Folks we have to stop kidding ourselves! All recourse to Constitutional Authority if FINISHED. Yes we SHOULD in our REBELLION call on Constitutional and Moral Principles as a guide. But NO Constitutional means has any power to restraint the Tyrannical, Oppression of this Regime. Those days are gone and finished and if we cannot come to realize it, we are DOOMED to exert energy in “causes” that have NO BASIS for success.

I have many friends who are involved in great efforts that have NO HOPE of success, because they are based on this Regime suddenly and miraculously coming to recognize Constitutional Restraints.

One has been trying for years to alter the tyranny via “single initiative amendments to the Constitution.” BASELESS.

Another friend has a grand plan to organize twenty million people, based upon some constitutional principles that in reality amounts to an illegal plebiscite. So you have twenty million people agree to politely ask this Regime to relinquish power and restore constitutional governance, what will happen? THINK! This regime is governing by RAW POWER, with legally NO constitutional restraint whatsoever!

I heard from the Impeach Obama (bridge protest movement) that there are 50 thousand people protesting every week. I LOVE their passion but it is a TOTAL waste, and without BASIS, since impeachment is a “Constitutional Authority” and there IS NO Constitutional Authority at this point in our history, only the exercise of RAW POWER by a Despot. If the signs said, “Arrest Obama” and there were enough of them, maybe the Military and the Law Enforcement would step up and HONOR THEIR OATH.

Everywhere, in the military, in the police, in our towns and communities, there are millions of actions of “civil disobedience” every day. They have to become a FLOOD of resistance.

Last evening a person told me of an event in a large southern city. (I will not name it to protect the Patriots.) She said that an inter-city charity run by private funds had donated to them larger operating space. Something they desperately needed. They called the local Marine Base and asked for volunteers to make their move. It was schedule with the base commander and six young men volunteered twelve hours labor. The day before the move was to happen, which had to happen because the lease had expired, one of the volunteers showed up and said, “We have been ordered by Washington not to help you. We said, 'Look we will just wear civilian clothes and do it anyway.' The base commander said, 'If you do, I am under orders to charge you with disobeying a direct order.”'

THIS is the exercise of RAW POWER. The morning when the move was supposed to happen, six young Air Force officers showed up in civilian clothes. The Charity director asked, “How did you know we needed help?” They answered, “We ask our base commander to order us to help and he did, but instructed that there would be no paper trail, and we were not to wear our uniforms.” HEROES, Practicing CIVIL Disobedience.

The point being that now, our only option is Resistance by Civil Disobedience, like you saw Sunday, 10/13/2001. One of my friends made the claim that this movement was based on “hatred.” He is a man who cannot distinguish between hatred and anger – and has forgotten the admonition of the Apostle Paul who said, “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath.” Notice that he did not say, do not be angry, nor, do not be wrathful. Any REAL reading of Holy Writ, makes it very clear that sometimes to FAIL TO BE ANGRY is SIN. So, if you are a peace-nick/pacifist and want to be a part of the restoration of LIBERTY in this country, sit down when told, shut up when told, sit where you are told and resist with the weight of your bodies, or get out of the way of those of us who will not brook Socialist/Sharia Compliant Governance.

Finally, we are OBJECTIVELY to the point that our only option is “plebiscite via Civil Disobedience.” Because NO polite request of this Regime to relinquish power has ANY meaning in reality. INDEED we will resist on Godly and Moral Principle, but we will not relinquish Liberty and Property, except at the sacrifice of our LIVES. We pledge our Lives, our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor, to see LIBERTY prevail.

Archpriest Symeon Elias - Here I Stand.

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