Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another Periscope Into American Stupidity

NO name calling. Please refer to the guidelines and rules. Piano Butch Robinson Warning #1
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  • Piano Butch Robinson Right. 
    "A Muslim father is angry because his daughter got pregnant by a non-muslim boy, so to do the honorable thing he kills her." 

    "A Muslim father is angry because his daughter got pregnant by a non-muslim boy, so he makes her kill the unborn chil
    d and remain silent about the abortion" 

    Which is worse, "Honor Killing" or "Convenience Killing"?
    Is it name calling to call the Murderer a Murderer?
  • Joy Cauthen It is name calling when you call me stupid
  • Joy Cauthen to answer your other question honor killing and convenience killing in my view is both MURDER
  • Piano Butch Robinson Exactly, Joy - Thank you for saying so. That was the point of the video - I'm sincerely sorry I called you stupid, but I thought the video was perfectly clear and it would take an imbecile to ask "What's your point" When THAT you just said was my point.
  • Joy Cauthen the video was about the schools not teaching about Hitler
  • Joy Cauthen with your comment and the video together I didn't see your point
  • Piano Butch Robinson Watch it again - I'm afraid you missed the meaning. 
    "Who am I to judge a woman that finds herself in a bad way and chooses abortion?" "Who am I to judge Hitler and deny him his destiny?" ARE THESE TWO SENTENCES REALLY DIFFERENT? Morally and philosoph
    ically they are not. Ask yourself - If my neighbor was about to murder my daughter, would any means I used to stop him be immoral? Would I be immoral for not acting in LIBERTY to defend my own family? If the government made a law, making in unlawful for me to defend innocent life, would that be LIBERTY?

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