Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jeffrey Toobin - His Book "The Oath"

Jeffrey Toobin - The Oath:

Here is another so-called conservative pundits you can write off as "propagandist for the NeoCons."

The NeoCons - represent the "approved establishment" of the Republican party and all their conservative think tank experts (90% at least)

What is a NeoCon?
Neo- is a common prefix to words like "neo-pagan" differentiating the ancient pagans from the modern ones. "Neo Con" is shorthand for "the new conservative movement" to distinguish it from the older and true meaning of "conservatism." The NeoCons are actually "internationalist collectivists." They have a vision of a New World Order, about which they have written extensively, about which George Herbert Walker Bush spoke publicly. They are "utopia seekers" and are willing to sacrifice the Declaration of Independence, The Constitutional form of governance, and anything else including millions of human lives to the goal of their sought after World Utopia. They spout the language of God and Country, Rights and Freedom, actually co-opting the language of conservatism while they seek their foreign agenda. They have fooled most true conservatives, and as we see in history and now, conservatives are willing to bow to them, calling it the lesser of two evils. My major lesson is that they are in the end no different than Marxist-Collectivists and in fact the NeoCons, the Marxist and the Muslim Brotherhood have formed an alliance that engulfs both major political parties - that cabal rules not only the parties, but has been in complete control of our Government unfettered since Reagan.

The book, "The Oath, The Obama White House and the Supreme Court" is a disinformation book designed to make you think that Justice Robert's ruling, upholding Obama Care (June 28th 2012, a day that will live in infamy) was the act of conservative genius on the part of John Roberts. This deception was created on the day of the ruling with headlines by all the NeoCon Talking Heads, "Justice Robert's Ruling, The Work of a Genius" - and similar titles.  
This is propaganda, not fact and is explained at this link:

Neo-Conservatives' Inability To See The Forest For the Trees.

Justice John Roberts is either one of the great NeoCon traitors of this decade, or in the present dictatorship he was order to rule as he did.   I personally believe the latter, though that is strictly a personal opinion.

If you have any doubt that we are living in a Dictatorship, please read this short page. Hundred of thousands have in different forums and no one has been able to disprove a single point.  If what this short page states is true, then very little coming to us in the media, and from the so called "experts" is true. 

If you doubt the reality of the Collective Utopia into which these "experts" are herding us you may read about its structure here:

New Atlantis and Luciferianism. - The Motive, The Blueprint, The Icons of The New World Order

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