Friday, September 21, 2012

Little Satan, Big Satan and the Libertarian Movement

When a person's politics makes the Jews or the state of Israel the goat, I know their complete spirituality and psychological make up. It is monolithic and foreign to liberty.

 What hides behind a protest, "I'm secular and libertarian" is in reality the most intolerant of all religious sicknesses. Such people are Political Islamists, pursuing their civilization Jihad, or someone duped by them. I've met scores of young people in the last 20 months of political debate that fancy themselves Libertarian but have been brainwashed through conspiracy theories, to believe that the only evil in the world is Little Satan, Israel, not realizing that they are cooperating with Political Islam, that they actually participate in the propaganda war to bring down the Big Satan, America.

Here is the fact of Israel. It is the only true ally in the Middle East being the only democratic republic in the Middle East. It is a tiny country bothering NO ONE.  Israel exist surrounded by the great cancer upon the earth called Political Islam. The Arab and Persian lands that surround Israel are oil rich or have other resources and have no need of the tiny country of Israel. 

Yet there Israel sits, an insult to Mohammedian Jihad, and just like some cartoon in a Danish newspaper could cause the demonic hatred of Islam to be manifest, like the last ten days of Islamic/demonic manifestation we have been witnessing all across the Muslim world, (writing 9/21/12) so the tiny state of Israel keeps the demonic spirit of Islam writhing with resentment and hatred. The Little Satan, Israel and her brother the Big Satan, America are the cause of every pimple on butt of every Arab and Persian in their sick minds. If only these two could be removed, all the world would be a paradise. They really believe this. It is religions sickness from the Father of Lies, an ideology of hatred and death that has blinded hundreds of millions, a spiritual/psychological/demonic cancer, robbing hundreds of millions of real human beings of their real potential; creating of them mere caricatures of the humans they could have become, if not diseased.

No politically correct toleration of this sickness creates its cure, and as the fate of Ambassador Chris Stevens proved, those using this "medicine" will die by the disease, seduced into its hatred, like the left and the libertarian movement, made Dhimmis unaware, or dead by violence at its hands. Actually these are the only two choices Political Islam allows for non-muslims.

When I discovered that Ron Paul's Blow Back theory was actually a revision of history written by the Muslim Brotherhood, and adopted by Ron Paul, I was a little shocked. Since then I've come to understand that the Libertarian movement in America is basically a "useful idiot" movement of the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB front groups have completed an insurgency of the "radical Liberty" movement, brainwashing a young generation that Liberty is Licence, and that liberty can exist without the Ancient Hebrew, Ancient Christian, principles of Morality and Justice - stated in the Two Great Commandments by Jesus Christ. 

They have co-opted the language of the founders, using the constitution and the federalist papers like "proof texts" like all ignorant fundamentalists do. They are clueless as to the power, the energy that fired our Liberty. In fact, they don't want the Liberty of America's founders, they want a deconstruction of that Liberty, because the movement itself is a deconstruction of the founder's ideas and ideals, designed to push them past the limits of reason, to make something constructive, destructive. It is Jihadi money behind the radical left, and the radical Libertarians. Many Christian conservatives have been duped by the latter to believe that it reflects their own heritage. It does NOT. It fact it was invented by the psyopts wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, as a tool to help take us down.

We cannot make deals with this evil, we have tried and Benghazi is the answer. I would bet this is a failed kidnapping attempt by our oh so intelligent President working with his Muslim Brotherhood crony Morsi, for the exchange of Stevens for the Blind Sheikh, Rahman.  All the talk this summer about releasing Rahman to Egypt for "humanitarian reasons. . . . what you want to bet that talk immediately stops. 

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