Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood Has Lost Control of the Narrative

The New World Order Has Lost Control of the Narrative. Without control of the dialectic, a lot is going to be exposed for you to see, if you will just wake up and see it. 

We must not let this win for TRUTH be temporary!
After spending hundreds of billions of dollars to control the narrative in the West, the New World Order/Muslim Brotherhood has suffered a major defeat. It is a battle lost, but they have not lost the war. Make no mistake, we are still losing the war.

Mohammedanism is in a panic, they have lost control of the narrative and instead of hampering free speech in the West they have emboldened it. So now there is a major and massive psy-opts operation underway to recover the narrative. The operatives for the Brotherhood include the Dhimmi American president and Secretary of State, AND the mass media, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc., etc. What is the narrative they wish to establish?

“Islam is a Religion of Peace, we just should not offend Muslims by saying TRUE things about Mohammedanism.  If we will just let them control what WE may say, what WE may write, depict in art and literature, all will be peace and light.”

This it a fourteen centuries old Jihadi ploy to control the dialectic. THINK! How easy would it be for you to win an argument with me, if you controlled what I can say to you DURING the debate?

That is the situation Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood friends are trying to create; a noose around the neck of American Free expression; a situation where Mohammedans can say and do ANYTHING, including murder, rape and sodomy of American diplomats and we must be quiet and understand. But most of all, we must not say anything true about Islam which might offend them. Because, you know they may be offended and something may happen and of course it would be OUR fault, blood might be on OUR hand.  

Are you coming to understand the suicidal INSANITY of kowtowing to Mohammedan sensibilities?

This Benghazi fiasco is a kidnapping plot. Our oh to smart president conspiring with his MB crony Morsi.  Stevens died because he people fought back.  This was a blessing of God, because from this moment forward, in the Middle East and Europe Obama is no longer the Messiah. 

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