Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Left, Bought by Islamists and not the Right, Too?

Blindness caused by intellectual laziness is no longer an option IF you want to restore LIBERTY in the U.S.A.    Naivete is okay for a Dhimmi population, it makes the oppression easier to handle. But Liberty requires better.

There is a massively wealthy,violent terrorist cult, that had ties to Saddam Hussein called the MEK. It began as a Marxist/Islamist group in Iran, and allied against Iran, with Saddam's Iraq when Iraq attacked Iran. The U.S. State D
epartment has just announced that it has decided to remove the MEK from the list of Terrorist Groups when the MEK has not renounced terror.

How could that happen? 

Lots of Money and Lots of Corrupt politician, willing to tell any story for a buck.
It is reported by both the Christian Science Monitor and Aljazeera that a who's who list of politicians have saddled up to accept (1) huge speaking fees, (tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars) to speak in favor of removing the MEK from the terrorist watch list, (2) or took money directly to lobby for the MEK.

I keep saying that the corruption of our system by Political Islamist groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood is a bipartisan corruption. Compared to the Muslim Brotherhood the MEK is tiny, yet they have expended hundreds of millions of dollars to push their agenda in Europe and the U.S. Let us remember that to accept money from a terrorist organization, directly or indirectly for the material support of that terror organization is a felony.  Taking money to lobby directly or to speak on their behalf IS material support.

The Mug Shots:

All these people have taken money and not small amounts directly or indirectly from the MEK for the purpose just stated, and this is just a tiny portion of the complete list.

Pictured at top with MEK operative Maryam Rajavi is Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani, Former mayor of N.Y. and 

Former Republican Presidential Candidate. When Ms. Rajavi was investigated in France, she was found to be in physical possession of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tom Ridge, Republican - former head of Homeland Security,under George W. Bush.


Hillary Clinton, Democrat, former First Lady, present Secretary of State under President Obama.

Edward Gene "Ed" Rendell, Democrat, 45th Governor of Pennsylvania, former candidate for President.

U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Floirda's 18th district, Republican party. Co-Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Howard Dean, Democrat Former Candidate for President.

Bill Richardson two term Democrat Governor of New Mexico, speaker and chairman of APCO Worldwide's executive advisory service Global Political Strategies (GPS)
Wesley Clark, Retired U.S. General, former NATO commander who cooperated with KLA Terrorists in Kosovo to kill Orthodox Christians. The KLA is Al Qiada in Iraq.  He is also an also ran Democrat Presidential Candidate. 
Clark here pictured with Muslim Terrorist and head of the KLA.

Patrick Joseph Kennedy II (born July 14, 1967) is the former U.S. Congressman Democrat from Rhode Island, serving from 1995 until 2011. Life long drug addict.

Newt Gingrich, who for my audience will need no introduction. Amazing that he could make this statement while accepting speaking fees in the tens of thousands of dollars to push the MEK's agenda. 

It is time to rethink EVERYTHING. 
Link for the Christian Science Monitor Article. 

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