Thursday, September 13, 2012

Licence v Liberty - Intelligent Pragmatism v Foolish Truth

When I tell the Libertarians that they do not comprehend the meaning of Constitutional Liberty I use the analogy of understanding the difference between an engine and the fuel that runs it. They know all about the mechanism called the constitution but are clueless what fuels it. When I ask them, "Well, okay that is what the constitution says, it is obviously not being honored now, and can you tell me why should anyone honor it?" Their basic answer is "just because."

Without the knowledge of the energy, which is the Spirit of LIFE reflected in the ideals of Liberty, which are uniquely part of Western Civilization, and reflected brightest in the teachings of many of the early church fathers and Christian voices across the centuries, the constitution is just dead paper and ink. I explain to them that their humanism (not to be mistaken with humanitarianism) removed the spirit - the fuel - the energy from the constitution and left it worthless, just a dead engine with no fuel. Until they learn to energize it with something besides death, our only future is license mistaken as liberty, oppressive collectivist slavery and death. What is so sad is that the energy was outlined for them in the Declaration of Independence, the constitution was just a flawed mechanism to express that energy.

I stared a FaceBook group, whose purpose was stated as:  ‎"A non-political party group for the analysis, and discussion of politics, government, culture, national and world current events and relevant history to those events, with a Judeo/Christian perspective." After some time I notice how much of the conversation on the page had fallen outside this goal of the page. It was clear that some claiming Christian understanding haven't a clue what a Judeo/Christian perspective is.  

We have had some interesting conversations though, but in the dichotomy of 'intelligent pragmatism' vs 'foolish truth.'  Who can doubt that Beacon, Malthus, Darwin, Huxley, Freud, Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Sanger, Wilson, and a host of others were/are intelligent people, who left distortions and death in their wake. In this fallen world they represent a class of people in whom faux intelligence and foolishness join, these being the two sides of the coin of pride. Ultimately humility found in the wisdom of Faith in TRUTH, a very foolish proposition engenders LIFE. 

I think about the humility of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, who were foolish enough to call on the help of the Lord and Giver Life, created a document which encapsulated the wisdom of 4000 years of developing Human Dignity and Liberty-Wisdom, which had unfolded across the span of Western Judeo/Christian civilization. They produced a document containing Wisdom more than the sum total of intelligence in the room, IF you exclude the Lord and Giver of Life, who is also called The Wisdom of God, and The Holy Spirit. They stated something evolutionary in scope, each human individual recognized as equal before God, with God given dignity and inalienable rights and a society where the citizenry were collectively the sovereign, who granted to government powers limited by WE THE PEOPLE.  

Every way that the framers of the Constitution, compromised the foolish wisdom of the Declaration of Independence, for intelligent pragmatic reasons, they ultimately caused distortions in society creating suffering and ultimately massive death. Until we grasp this foundation, which is humility before the Lord and Giver of LIFE, and accept the radical premise of the procreation, nurture, protection and dignity of HUMAN LIFE, and all LIFE, in harmony with HUMAN NEED, we will continue in the pragmatism that is enslaving us; the pragmatism of Beacon, Malthus, Darwin, Huxley, Freud, Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Sanger, Wilson, the Liberal, the Liberation, the Libertarian counterfeits of LIBERTY.  Why are Liberalism, Liberationism and Libertarianism counterfeits and NOT purveyors of true Liberty?  Because they are not based in HUMILITY before the God of the Ancient Christians and the Ancient Hebrews, the Lord and Giver of LIFE.      

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