Thursday, March 24, 2016

Islam is not our adversary! WHAT?!!!

I hope you all understand that Hillary's statement is the statement of a Dhimmi in service of Civilization Jihad.

The Marxist use the same ploy and they call it "Heightened Contradictions."  It is where the statements from important people and the common meme in the media is always the opposite of common sense. It is designed to try to remove you from common sense, to make you think that your common sense assessment and reaction to the threat is "simplistic" "unaware" and "something that doesn't fit the REAL WORLD."  Just like they tell you that Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslim Immigration is "unrealistic and can't work" and a wall on the southern border is "unrealistic and can't work" etc., etc.

The Civilization Jihadis, and their Useful IDIOT pawns, (called Dhimmis) let the violent Jihidis create the fear through barbarous actions, then they assure you that it is not Islam's fault, they will protect you from the "bad people" and that things will be fine, things will be peaceful, IF ONLY you will give up part of YOUR RIGHTS. 

THINK!  The Cultural Marxist (you know as the Politically Correct Parasites) turned Marxist Anarchists and Militant Muslims loose at Trump Rallies, and the "reasonable voices said"  If Trump would just abridge his right of free speech, this would not happen. If Trump supporters did not seek to peacefully gather in crowds of tens of thousands and listen to Trump, this would not happen. In fact they have said for months, that these rallies that hold less violence than a college football audience, are dangerous; that something evil is happening there. You crazy Trump supporters, just give up and things will be peaceful.

Step by Step, both the Marxist system of Political Correctness, and the Muslim System of Civilization Jihad, use this method to remove your rights from you, by destroying your first instinct to common sense solutions. That is why they attack Trump so violently, because he offers common sense solutions that DESTROY their Agenda.

THINK!  This is the same method that destroyed Constitutional Governance and created the present Omni-Surveillance National Security Police State, where the MARXISTS and MUSLIMS are allowed to be violent.  Where police are moved-back so that people can riot.  Where Marxist Anarchist and Militant Muslims shut down free speech and prevent the right of peaceful assembly.  

Do you realize that this method was used by George W. Bush, when in answer to 9/11, he gave us the Patriot Act, and told us OUR job was to just "go shopping . . . oh yeah, and if you see something say something."  And when people did say something they were paraded in the CIAmerica Media as ignorant fools, paranoid, and they even invited the Civilization Jihadis on air to MOCK the stupid America Christians, who "just don't understand Islam." 

The last people who saw something and said something were the poor teacher and principle last Spring, who called the police because a Muslim boy, the son of Civilization Jihadis build a Clock that looked like a bomb as a "school project."  You all know it was a psy-opt operation, to KEEP you from saying something when you see something, to make you fearful of being crucified in the media for acting on common sense. That is to make us all more fearful and vulnerable.

Here is how Common Sense is crucified in the media.

Following the Jihadi attacks in Brussels, and witnessing the Jihadi violence in London, PIERS MORGAN is feeling the JIHAD!

GOOD!   This is the prissy Psy-Opts SLUG, who sat in the New York Studios of CNN and assaulted the AMERICAN people and their NATURAL RIGHT OF SELF DEFENSE, their 2nd Amendment RIGHTS five or six nights a week for over TWO YEARS, trying to whip of fervor for Gun Confiscation, in conjunction with Barrack Obama False Flag operation in Sandi Hook Newtown - and event that NEVER Happened. I haven't forgotten the COWARD Globalist SLUG, that is Piers Morgan. Now he wants common sense protection from the most PRO-SECOND Amendment candidate in our lifetime. THAT IS RICH.

Emory University president says students are scared and 'in pain' after someone wrote 'Trump 2016' in chalk on campus

Not a WORD from these indoctrinated Marxists about the Marxist Anarchist violence aimed at Trump and his supporters, or the Jihadi Massacres in the U.S. and Europe, but they are "terrified" of Trump's name WRITTEN IN CHALK! - - You can't make this stuff up, it is so very Marxist Playbook. I worked at Emory for years, and played multiple concerts on campus and even for ex-presidents at a gathering at Lullwater House. (The President's residence.) Tell me that the Marxists are not in control of Emory. I would have to call you are fool and liar. 

I'm sure they cheered Obama and his family, photographed as they paid homage to the Marxist Revolutionary Monument of Che Guevara in Havana!

This video is a graphic demonstration of common sense. Common sense that can protect life and increase our odds of survival.  The Militant Muslims, and the Cultural Marxist will tell you it represent hate.  THEIRS IS THE BIG LIE.

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