Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reject Cultural MUSLIM Psy-Opts Media

You cannot draw a line where the Muslim Brotherhood Ends, and the CIA begins.

LEARN to REJECT the Cultural Muslim Psy-opts that is constantly in the CIAmerican Media.

I watched ten minutes of T.V. just now, to confirm what you are constantly fed as the reasons for Jihadi Attacks, and EACH one is a LIE.

(1) It is a socio-economic problem, the terrorists are economically deprived. Enrich us and we will be less angry.

FACT: The Jihadis are anything but poor. Blaming Jihad on poor economic conditions would be directly analogous to claiming that poverty creates Mormon Missions and Missionaries.

(2) Islamophobia. Don't you get it, the VICTIMS of the JIHADIS are themselves the cause of it. It is because CHRISTIANS and others REJECT integration into Muslim Culture that Jihadis attacks. This particular Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, given air time on CNN and MSNBC, actually said that it was "the rejection of the scarf, and Muslim's not having a place to pray at the workplace." And I know the list goes on and on, until the majority non-Muslim populations are living like Dhimmis, in submission to the Muslim Culture. Until then, Jihad is OUR fault, not the Muslim's fault they simply cannot help reacting to resistance to Islamization by slaughtering those who resist.

(3) Foreign Wars causing anger in the Muslim Community. While never a mention of the tens of thousands of European Muslims and the Hundreds of American Muslims who traveled to the Middle East to practice their barbarism. Too bad they were not vaporized while openly fighting with ISIS.

Compare this to the simple statement by Donald Trump. "There is hatred in Islam. Until we understand what is causing it, we need to ban Muslim immigration." The hatred in Islam is called ISLAM. It is not "radical Islam," or "islamofascism." No it is the regular ordinary heart and soul of Islam itself.

 This quickest most thorough website to learn everything a CRUSADER needs to know about Islam

Being "Silly Doves": The Prophet Hosea Was Right. 

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