Wednesday, March 23, 2016


“When you live in a society where the firefighters are the heroes, little kids want to be firefighters,” he said. “When you live in a society where athletes and movie stars are heroes, little kids want to be athletes and movie stars.” - “You cannot achieve peace if terrorists are treated as martyrs. Glorifying terrorists is a tremendous barrier to peace.” - Donald J. Trump.

I saw two instances of Globalist Minders, literally yelling in the ear piece of "guests" on talking head shows, last evening. One was the New York City Head of Intelligence, John Miller, on the Charlie Rose show, who was talking about the threat of ISIS. He started with, "We have a huge advantage here in that there are oceans between us and ISIS. The Europeans have one unfortunate and terrible disadvantage and that is unrestricted free movement . . . " he winced, froze, looked shocked, leaned forward as he was being reprimanded, and after about 5 seconds of dead air, went into soliloquy about how the open borders between the European Nations was wonderful for the creation of diversity and multi-culturalism, etc., etc. It was shocking to see. We know that relinquishing National Borders to the E.U., which did NOTHING to secure the outer borders of the greater Union, has KILLED Europe. The same thing the Globalist want to do here with the TPP, and the North American Union.  A verboten subject, on CIAmerican Globalist T.V. After all, it is what Obama says, "We all have to unite more fully, to solve the problem of Global Terror and promote world peace."  That is the MOST Dangerous Stalin type BIG LIE of the last forty years.  It is the DRIVING Big Lie, the mother of all BIG LIES.  

The second instance was on Chris Matthews, Hardball show. He was interviewing General McCaffrey (retired) about the Brussels attacks, and all went well until McCaffrey started talking about the stupid meme that these terror cells in Europe are "sophisticated." He started ticking off the reasons that everything they had done was about as low tech as it could get. In the middle of his litany, he winced as they screamed into his earpiece but he kept talking. Matthews quickly cut him off saying, "Sorry general, we have to end this."  Seeing the tension in Matthews' face as he listened to instructions in his ear piece, I'm thinking they were about to go to some breaking news, only to witness that they didn't have anything cued, and Matthews then rambled on unscripted in an obvious awkwardness for a minute or two, which seemed like a very long time.

I thought about Donald Trumps words above about glorifying terrorists. And the CIAmerican Media does it everyday, 24/7. They glorify them by calling them "martyrs" instead of deluded and suicidal fools, driven INSANE by a hate filled religion. They talk about "Master-Minds" as Trump has noted, when they are punks and deluded scum; and "the master bomb-maker," as if he is some oracle of explosives knowledge, when in fact the particular type of bomb is NOT sophisticated at all, and any idiot who can read the internet and follow simple instructions can make it. They talk about the "sophisticated planning and timing" etc., When the prigs got into a taxi and rode to the airport. I must be a freak'n genius because I have done that HUNDREDS of times.

This link is to a very interesting article in the Washington Times, where the writer supposes that yesterday sealed the deal for Donald Trump and that now no one can beat him. Why? Not because of the election result last night, but because in the faces of Jihadi attacks HE IS THE ONLY SANE VOICE.

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