Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Grinding Boring Lying Demonic Psy-Opts

Do you see how the psyop media works? Donald Trump and the American people won massively last night. And this morning there should be a celebration of Trump's 'uuuuugh' WIN, by Trump and his supporters, with congratulations from the also-rans and their supporters, and the media.  But these are not ordinary times.  Donald Trump is not merely running for President, he is mounting a Counter-Revolution wresting CONTROL from the Globalist Cabal that presently manages every avenue of American Power, including the Media.  So instead today opens with the same grinding boring lying demonic assault on Trump AND on US.

I turned on Morning Joe to the visage of the ugliest Lynch Mob of the day, the hag twins Cokie Roberts, from PBS, Katty Kay, from the BBC and Bob Woodward using Cultural Marxist memes to try to slip the noose around Trump's neck. In each case, ugly as the scene was the rope caught fire and they burned their own hands.

WE have to keep exposing the psyops media, so the not so bright will not be fooled by it. Trust me, if Trump did not have an ARMY of Millions of people awake, combating the narrative of media lies and spin, this full bore "kill Trump" movement would have been successful months ago. We CANNOT rest now. We are at the most crucial juncture so far, i.e., Florida and Ohio.

Upon winning Michigan and Mississippi by a landslide in each case, (Hawaii later) Donald Trump said:

"Thirty Eight MILLION dollars of LIES, published against me in the last two weeks . . . I've never heard such nasty things said . . but what it shows you is how brilliant the America People are, because they are too smart to believe the lies." Trump thanked the Lobbyist and Special Interests that created and paid for the negative ads for "driving my numbers up . . no . . really, look at the numbers they had to have done something right."

Trump is being modest, because the onslaught of negative broadcast time spent on Trump . . . I speak of the constant CIAmerican Media Lynching of Trump, makes the 38 Million Dollars in negative ads look puny.

Here are just a few of the Media lies you hear everyday and how it has to be combated with TRUTH.
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BTW, Dr Charles Krauthammer makes the statement in this video, that he quit practicing psychiatry 30 years ago. Sadly that is not the case. He merely took his skills as a psychiatrist and used them in the Mind Control Media. He is a little bitter at the moment because he as been outed for the Open Borders, Globalist, NeoCon, Psyops Agent he is.

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