Sunday, March 27, 2016

N.Y. Times - Trump's Foreign Policy

News Meme of the day, Easter 2016 vis a vis Donald Trump's New York Times, Foreign Policy interview:
"Has Donald Trump gone completely insane? Has he no mercy? Has he no shame? Has he so little decency as to actually ask even demand that sovereign, industrialized, foreign nations, especially wealthy ones provide for and pay for their own national defense? How dare he! Doesn't he know that does not fit the ALL HOLY Cultural Marxist Globalist Model! He is either, insane or naive and can't be trusted (1) to further the Globalist System (2) with American Foreign Policy.
(1) and (2) are identical to the Globalist CIAmerican Media, since IT is a part of the Globalist System.

Guess what? Again Donald Trump has proved that he is exactly who I have been telling you he is, and in this New York Times interview he clearly adopts the phrase I have used about him ad nauseum "America FIRST." He clearly states that he is not a doctrinaire isolationist, that he fully believes in protecting legitimate American interests, and without stating it so boldly, he draws a "uuuuuuge" line of distinction between the interests of Globalism and legitimate and rightful American NATIONAL Interests.

I haven't read the New York Time Article, yet I'm reviewing it.  How can that be? It is because I know what is in it. For me there will be no surprises in it, because I know it reflects an innovative, robust, flexible, common sense, America FIRST Nationalism that I know to be the core philosophy of Mr. Trump. It will reflect "The Art of the Deal."  Think! There is no greater negotiation upon the planet, than the milti- dimensional chess moves of American Foreign Policy.

However, American Foreign Policy has become foreign to America, usurped by the Criminal Globalists where for the Post Cold War Decades we have been used by the Criminal Enterprise, NOT as is often stated as "the world's policeman" but rather as
"The Criminal Globalist Enforcers" " The Mob's Mussle"  "George Soros' Pit Bull,"  ripping sovereign nations to shreds so the Globalist Criminal Vultures can feed on the carcasses of what were, relatively stable mostly peaceful Nations. We have also acted covertly, like a disease destroy cultures and societies from within, purposely creating soft and hard genocide.  We have aided the RISE of Islam in the process, and chewed up and spit out people of all sorts, now numbering in the Tens of Millions, Christians as well as ordinary Muslims have suffered and are suffering because of it. Globalism, which grew out of the ideology of World Peace through Interdependence first, and leading to Integration next (from European Common Market to European Union - from the North America Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to the North American Union)  is a Utopian Ideology and like all Utopian Ideologies, it has created Hell UPON THE EARTH.   
TRUMP News on Foreign Policy will cause the Globalist Establishment to recoil in shock, but not nearly the shock they will experience when he starts implementing it.
However, what Trump's Foreign Policy will actually be is reasoned, well thought, innovative and creative, respectful of the Sovereignty of the United States, but as importantly, respectful of foreign nations and their sovereignty that are friendly to us (friendly to us in REAL terms) and cunningly, inventively, innovatively pressure-filled for both our FAKE allies, like Saudi Arabia, and a steal wall of resolve toward any nation foolish enough to call itself or position itself as our enemy.

Now I'm going to read the article and see if I am insightful or a fool. You be the judge.

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