Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump! Have you come to torment us, before our time?!

Trying to avoid Biblical Imagery, I have described Donald Trump as NeoCon/Marxist/Globalist Kryptonite, using a Superman image instead. But now I have to admit, that it is clear as day, that something on the scale of Biblical Proportions is happening in our Country with Donald Trump and the Trump Counter-Revolutionary Movement.

What else but the movement of the Holy Spirit, could cause an entire secret establishment of professional LIARS, and Psy-opts Agents, to come forward in SELF-DEFENSE and identify themselves as NeoCon-Cultural Marxist Globalists, or just plain Cultural Marxist Globalists, all of them singing the exact same song, "Trump have you come to torment us before our time! Trump, have mercy and leave us alone!"

I hate using Biblical imagery profanely - which people do all the time, but honestly, just like the Pharisees and Sadducees, came to Jesus out of curiosity, and treated him like a novelty, a freak, a joke, the media did the same thing, they rushed Trump and could not get enough of him, thinking they were going to best him and find his kill switch.
First was the dismissive joking, comedy stage
Second came the derisive stage where the comedy was gone and they bitterly mocked him.
then they retreated in fear, planned in darkness and unleashed demonically inspired mobs on Trump and his followers,
then they tried to PHYSICALLY take him down!
After this last Super Tuesday - these last three days they have been in a panic to tell you he is NOT who he says he is, that is the presumptive nominee.

In August 2015, Sundance, at Conservative Tree House, speaking of the sudden insane opposition to Donald J. Trump, wrote, "'Conservative' punditry like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, Charles Lane, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg and many more opining on all media a previously hidden “open borders” position. All of a sudden they are telling us walls will never work, illegal aliens are the bedrock of the U.S. social fabric and it’s profoundly unfair to even contemplate their deportation. Oh, the humanity.
That’s a serious dose of sunlight upon a previously hidden agenda."

Little did we know all the people who were going to expose themselves as Cultural Marxist Globalists. So next comes AIPAC, that Conservative Evangelicals have viewed as their "sister organization" (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) On Monday, March 28th, you will witness them just as exposed as the gang of 22 at the Neo-Con (National) Review, the NeoCons at Fox News, and the Chicago Marxist Appeasers, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Mitt Romney and a host of others, including ALL the CIAmerican Media.

What spirit is capable of causing the LIARS (demoniacs) to step forward, name themselves and demonstrate in public for all to see? 

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