Monday, March 28, 2016

I Owe Ted Cruz a Sincere Apology.

I have dismissed him as a Globalist Puppet, easy to do with his million dollar loans from Goldman Sachs and Citi-Bank he covered up, and his ties and support from the Bush Crime Family. I mean, even that weird stuff from his Charismatic Con Man Father, about Ted being Anointed to be KING - in the Seven Mountains Christian Domenionist Cult . . . 

I can over look all that, because I've come to believe, no I think REALIZE that Ted Cruz TRULY has a "Special Purpose" - I can't deny it. 

I'm one who has always been dedicated to accepting the truth no matter where the truth is found, and I am convinced that I have misjudged Ted Cruz, and failed to recognized and acknowledge the POWER of his Special Purpose.

Ted Cruz refuses to confirm his marital fidelity.

I wonder if Teddy, used his magic on Carly? (No, she is being paid BIG TIME) Teddy, UNABLE to answer a simple question about marital fidelity. Carly calls Trump, a "serial philanderer" (by the way that is a serial redundancy). <smile> In the face of this, notice the facial expressions on Teddy's face. Tied to this guess who has cancelled her campaign appearances and WAS NOT dutifully beside here Teddy TODAY??? Answer Heidi. The Globalist SLUGS had to bring in "that face" Carly, as a pit bull stand in, trying to run interference for their LOSER. NOTICE once again, Teddy Screws, falls back on his lawyer slippery language, and does NOT deny the allegations of sexual misconduct, merely attack the STORY. If I had murdered my wife, and someone wrote about it, and you asked me, "Did you murder your wife." and I answered, "That is a scurrilous story, and totally Garbage." Did I deny that I had murdered my wife? NO. Ted Cruz has YET to confirm marital fidelity or to deny sexual misconduct.

We all know the answer and it would not matter, except that he has painted himself as a "prophet" and "anointed to be king" etc., etc., etc.

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