Wednesday, March 23, 2016

RAW Power Politics, NOT Democracy


I have a friend (and I'm going to use antiquated language) who is a retired long time (decades long) wire service reporter. He or she? sent me this article by a mutual friend, Walid Shoebat, which outlines the Globalism of Mormonism and Islam.

I have sanitized his/her name, to protect him. But I want to share the conversation:

He sent me Walid's article, and I commented.

Butch Robinson:
Islam, Mormonism and Seven Mountains Dominionism (note - Seven Mountains Dominionism - the religion of Ted Cruz and his Father) are all Utopian/Globalist ideologies DOMINATION.

Mormonism is really nothing but Americanize Islam, the parallels are so numerous in their founding and theology it has to be obvious to any SANE person. I don't think Walid is wrong. I believe there is a "mutual cooperation pact" between them.  This fact that Mitt Romney is a Dhimmi (a person of a another religion in submission to Islam) is obvious from this quote from 2011.

BTW you will see it at work in Utah tonight as they reveal how they have been stealing the vote all day.
But that is their last hurrah.

I was born and raised in Utah in the midst of the Mormons. The parallels re Mormonism and Islam are astounding (in belief and practice). Shoebat is respected.
I fear the Mormons in AZ also will commit fraud.

Butch Robinson:
They are not in control of the State Party system there like they are in Utah. Through the ties to Texas Oil Billionaires, the Bush Family in Texas and the Hinkley Institute in Utah, they control the dialectic completely in Utah and over a great portion of Texas. Not so in Arizona. (BTW - have you noticed every time that Romney gives a statement to the press, it is in front of a screen that says, "Hinkley Institute?" )

I forgot to add Romney - the Hinkley Institute, Neil Bush and Romney.

BTW, DO you remember the infamous name John Hinkley, Jr, the fellow who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan in his first years in office? That day, Neil Bush, George W Bush's BROTHER, was to dine with Scott Hinkley, the Reagan Assassin's brother. DID YOU KNOW THAT? OH WAIT! Who heads the finances for TED CRUZ's campaign. No, it cannot be! Actually it is, NEIL BUSH. John Hinkley, Sr, was a Texas Oil man, very wealthy who was involved in George HW Bush's first CIA front business in Texas. 

The sad part is that so many Evangelicals have been fooled into believing that this Globalist Power Structure represent in the Seven Mountains Cult and Mormonism, is their friend.

To understand the REAL world. This is not a "sports game" where there are neutral referees. NO, this is POWER POLITICS, where Trump, merely by being in the race is EXPOSING the corrupt process as it proceeds. 

Ted Cruz And Glenn Beck Praise The Islamic Antichrist And Are Paving The Way For The World To Accept The Islamic One World Government -  By Walid Shoebat on March 21, 2016

LINK: How much history do you NOT know? Have you ever wondered why you were not taught this in school?  

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