Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trump - When Angels Sing.

This reference to Christian Nigerian School Girls is from two years go, when the Muslim's kidnapped 200 school girls, some of whom are now brainwashed and turning up as "weapons" for Islam, as Suicide bombers. 

When American Power started openly bombing Christians who were trying to survive in the post Cold War years, faced with Massive Jihadi slaughter, Nuns raped and killed by Jihadis, Priests raped and killed by Jihadis, Bishops raped and killed by Jihadis, Monks raped and killed by Jihadis - - FOR the first time in my life I was ashamed to be an American.

The next day I arrived to Prison, angry, wondering how I would ever Celebrate Mass, when MY country was AT THAT VERY MOMENT, slaughtering Christians. We pretended to be trying to find the Terrorist Osama Bin Laden, yet we had formed a alliance with the Al Qaeda branch in Kosovo, called the "Kosovo Liberation Army, (the KLA).

The former head of "after-care services" for the State of Georgia Department of Corrections, My Anamchara, (Jessie Harris) looked at me as if I had lost it and said, "SING, we Orthodox Christians SING. We do not allow the heartbreak of any event in history to stop us from worshiping the ONLY God. Our True God, the God/Man Jesus Christ".

That morning angels joined me in singing the Divine Liturgy - I wrote about it, that day.  I will look through my old files to find it.  Others witnessed the voices of the angels that morning.  

Donald Trump:

Donald Trump with Larry King on the occasion of the anniversary of the bombing of Serbia criticized Bill Clinton and criminal attack on Serbs, the ally of America in both wars.

"The Clintons have made a mess in the Balkans and Kosovo. Look what we did to Serbia in an aerial bombardment from a safe height. Those same Serbs rescued American pilots in World War II.

"It is a mistake that we bombed a nation that has been our ally in two world wars. Clintons believe that was a success, and I find it shameful. I extend an apology to all the Serbs for the error of American policy, primarily Clinton's. We need allies in fight against Islamic terrorism who have combat experience fighting this evil - and that in Europe are the Russians and the Serbs.

"If I become the head of America the foreign policy will change the course that has until now often been wrong."

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