Saturday, March 26, 2016

Western Easter, 2016

It is not "Easter" for me until May the 1st. But for all you Roman Catholics and Protestants, Baptists who claim NOT to be Protestant, Evangelicals and Reformed Church members, who are suspicious of ROME, yet . . WHO FOLLOW THE ROMAN SYSTEM and celebrate Easter today. I offer you a few links to inspire your Easter Celebration.

The first is my personal testimony, now "frozen in time" from November 1991. - BTW, the white dog, SAM, who was given up by the vet, to die two years ago, taken off all medications, is thriving and almost 17. We walked two miles together today on Saturday.

Next is a challenge to your understanding of your own "theological formations." THE THREE PATHS OF SPIRITUALITY/THEOLOGY.

I beg you, all my friends and relatives and even the strangers who monitor my writings, (especially you CIA, NSA and FBI wonks, who sometimes engage me) take the challenge of this article and report to me, where you fit, on these "three paths of understanding."

NEXT, for the survival of our nation, for the health of your parents, grand parents, children, grand children, great grand children, BOOKMARK this page, and PLEASE pray these prayers with me. Hundreds of Thousands of people I know, have joined me, since the winter of 2013, praying with me my morning and evening prayers. UNDERSTAND this is a promise. IF you pray these prayers with me, between 9 and 10 AM CENTRAL TIME, 10 and 11 Eastern time, 8 and 9 Mountain Time and 7 and 8 Pacific TIme - I WILL BE PRAYING WITH YOU. There is power in communal prayer. Remember the bumper stickers in the REAGAN era, "Give Peace a Chance." Those sad Marxists did not have a CLUE, what they wrought.

Next, I want you to know what Mercy God Is Showing to our Nation.
All that is hidden will be exposed. George Orwell talked about TRUTH being Revolutionary, in a time of Universal LIE. Donald Trump is THAT TRUTH TELLER, and thus Revolutionary.

Trump speaking - "President Bush (George W.) says that he is religious. Yet FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE, the way I count it have died, and probably MILLIONS have been badly maimed and injured. What's going on?"

Did you ever think that you would live to see the day that a simple question like, "What's going on?" Would BE HATED in the media and REVOLUTIONARY?


If, you have followed through all these links in progression as I have arranged them, and you are open to the influence of the Holy Spirit, you will know that:

(1) God is showing mercy to America VIA Donald J Trump.
(2)That this is a spiritual battle.
(3) That my supposed "accident" in 1991, was a HIT, using an MKUltra victim as the assassin.
(4) That the Almighty destroyed their assassination attempt.
(5) That Donald Trump is speaking more in "wisdom" than he understand in knowledge
(6) that serous prayer is our WEAPON. I will post as the last link, the serious prayer that is crucial for VICTORY.

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