Friday, March 18, 2016

Animosity Breeds Animosity - Barrack Obama.

Obama's statement concerning Donald Trump's rhetoric, saying, "Animosity breeds animosity." Do you know why Obama would immediately go to that threat. And it is a threat. It is an Islamic Threat. After all Islam means "submission." "If you submit, we won't kill you and kill or enslave your family. But if you show any rebellion, any animosity, Allah help you." It is the same implied violence in his very Islamic statement from his book, "The future must not belong to those who insult the Prophet of Islam." Submit, never say anything True about the Satanic Cult of Islam and we won't kill you, and kill or enslave your family.

You see, that is the Muslim consciousness Obama possesses at his gut, even though in person he is a puny coward, an effeminate male, frightened of his own shadow. But he always immediately goes to the threat.

In his first meeting with Congressional Leaders following his first election when Paul Ryan spoke up and suggested a compromise for a mutually agreeable health care bill, Obama turned to him with a cold stare and said, "No, what do you think the election was for? Elections have consequences." You see, in his Muslim sensibilities, the election meant the losing party submits, He has no grasp of the American ideal of loyal opposition.

This is the reason that he cannot negotiate with congress, he cannot accept the idea that they are not in submission to him, and so he has used Emergency Powers and (blackmail, coercion and intimidation - PRISM X-KeyStroke) to MAKE them submit to him, just as he did with the Supreme Court.

Obama is not a sophisticated thinker or a learned man. Were he that, instead of immediately going to the "animosity breeds animosity" threat against Trump and his supporters, he would have some idea of the Ancient Greek idea of catharsis and cathexis . And he would have said something like this, "Anger constructively, that is truthfully expressed, can create understanding and reconciliation. Anger forcibly suppressed, hardens the heart, embitters the soul and leads to animosity and plots revenge." - Archpriest Symeon.

The Cultural Marxists (who you know as the Political Correctness Movement - PC - Parasites.) they take a page from the Muslim Playbook. They are as deadly as Muslim, and see any affront to their mythology, methods and goals as heresy that is to be punished. So, Donald Trump's common sense Truth Speaking is "dangerous, bigoted, hateful, divisive rhetoric." And if you think I'm exaggerating look at the Chicago rally tapes.

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