Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trump the Islamophobe

Notice how the Media is NOT using the term "Islamophobe" when speaking of Trump's statement about Islams saying, "I think Islam Hates us?" Do you know what that means? That means that we have robbed the Cultural Marxist Media of one of their HATE TOOLS they use against us. They know that were they to unleash the usual barrage of "Islamophobia B.S" it would only trigger rebellion against their HATE FILLED lie.

I just turned on the T.V. for the first time today, just in time to see Donald Trump's statement, last evening about "Islam Hating Us."

It is a FACT, everything about Islam is antithetical to everything that is Core American Principles, i.e., the belief that all are created equal and endowed with God Given inalienable rights. In Islam, not even all Muslims are born equal, and only Faithful Muslims have Rights. - it is a no-brainer.

FACT: All of you idiots who have claimed that Trump "panders" he just proved you wrong, when there are half a million Muslims in South Florida, and 42 Mosques, most of them Wahhabi, Saudi Financed, the only place in Florida Rubio might actually be competitive and RATHER than pander, Donald J. Trump told the TRUTH.

You want to see a case of PANDERING, look no further than the lying Dhimmi Mitt Romney.

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