Tuesday, March 1, 2016


These politicians and their speeches are so patently ridiculous. Ted Cruz just pounced on his only punch line, that he "is the only candidate that has beaten Donald Trump." Then he puffed out his chest and said with false bravado, "and we have beaten Donald Trump, three times."

Now let us see????

Firstly, Cruz IS saved from utter humiliation, that NOT winning his "favorite son" status in Texas would have caused, but then a New York Yankee, drew 3/4th as many votes as the "favorite son." Not good for the favorite son - although the CIAmerican Media will paint it as a HUGE victory. Check out the history of favorite son wins. I think Cruz will end up with about 39% of the vote to Trump's 29% vote. And just, as a for instance, there was another favorite son running tonight, and he won 87% of his home state.

Cruz's win of the deeply Cruz type Religious vote in Oklahoma keeps him in the race. Without that he was history. His "favorite son" win alone could not sustain him. He lives to fight another day, and Rubio live to fight till Florida.

Now: How many times has Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz? Well ALL THE TIME, except for Iowa. After all Trump is MASSIVELY winning tonight. But if you want to count it state by state as Ted did. Trump has already beaten Ted Cruz NINE times and the night is young, and truthfully we can add another before the vote is taken because and make that 10 times, since Trump will win New York closer to Sander's 87% than Cruz's 39-40% and it could possible be five more states before morning. But lets just go with the 3 and 10 numbers, knowing it will be worse in the morning. That means that Cruz has won 23% percent of the states so far, to Trump's 77% a margin of almost 4 to 1.

Now I know there are all the intricacies of how the delegates are divided - I'm still thinking even that percentage is less for Cruz because of all the weird rules different in each state.

Before morning the result from 5 more states come in. Not likely that Cruz will carry even one of them.

But Cruz is a snake oil salesman and knows how to sell it. TED CRUZ BEAT DONALD TRUMP THREE TIMES! Congratulations Cruzombies, for your Texas and Oklahoma win. You need to really cherish the moment.


  1. These Cruzbots are seriously deranged and delusional. I've seen them giving out veiled death threats to people on various 'conservative" forums simply for not supporting Cruz.

    He really is like a cult leader.

  2. Cruz only won Iowa by lying about Carson, something Cruz will have to answer for on his judgement day.


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