Monday, March 7, 2016

Primary Elections As Psy-Opts Propaganda.

 Did you witness this weekend's operation of primary elections and caucuses as psy-opts propaganda?  In a scheme, of which Stalin would have been proud, the Maine election was jerry-rigged.  At noon on election day I got panic calls from Maine where people were held up in lines of traffic, (older people unable to walk to the poll) and the polls being closed before they could get there.  Yes, with thousands of people in line to vote they closed the doors and jerry-rigged to vote for Cruz.  - I'm not going to anatomize the stealing of the Maine and Kansas elections, others have and will do a good job of it.  I want to address the Lynching part, that is the psy-opts value of the theft and the meme generator they are trying to foist upon your subconscious.
Massive Voter Fraud

From Saturday evening till this very moment on Monday morning,  we have heard a mighty symphony of propaganda, claiming that Trump is Finished.  Like they have been announcing him finished for nine months.  They even say, that in the early voting, where there was early voting, Trump was ahead by double digits, but that he was tied with Cruz on election day - this in the two states Trump won.  The point is to try to make you think that Trump's popularity is eroding in the face of the High Tech MASSIVE Lynching by the establishment GOP and in the Cultural Marxist Media.

Let us dig deeper into FACTS you need to know:

This is for context, so you can better understand what Donald Trump is facing.

JW wrote to me and said:
You said after NH it would get rough. Never did I imagine this. I could just cry! Pure evil. I hope I survive this without needing therapy...just kidding...but this is really tough to watch!

Prominent GOP leader vows not to support Trump
Redstate News

Butch Robinson:
And it will get more intense before it gets less intense.

Wow! Well I'm all in, but this is rough. Can't imagine what it's like for Trump.

Have you seen this? I don't know who she is, but she appears to know our Constitution.  (This was a comment about a popular video explaining "constitutionally" why Cruz is not eligible to run for president.)

Butch Robinson:
She is some local judge somewhere, I forget. - yes, it has been up for months.
Do you understand why nothing she says matters?

No...I guess I don't. But I bet I'm fixing to have my knowledge base broadened....Be gentle...

Butch Robinson:
Haven't you stopped to ask yourself, why it seems the rules of the Constitution are regularly violated? This is a silly but personal example.

I went to an audiologist to get my hearing checked and with me paying cash, I could not get my hearing checked without signing a paper surrendering all my medical records to the federal government! This is a complete Marxist take over. That paper surrendering my medicals records to the government is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment. I have to right under the 4th amendment to hold my medical records from anyone, including the government. Medical Record include both my body, person and paper - the specific subject of that Amendment.  Yet, my choice was sign the form, or walk out. I walked out. I was told by the doctor who headed the practice, that for them to even do a simple hearing test without me submitting to Marxist relinquishing of my constitutional rights to privacy, they could be fined 5 thousand dollars and liable to up to a year of prison time, under ObamaCare Rules.
You see, Constitutional Governance has been suspended since November 17th 1977. It was a coup d etat, that has slowly been revealing itself for decades. Here is the history of how it happened. Once you understand this, suddenly the "context" of this presidential election will become much clearer.

Letters From the Gulag : The Ghost of the Republic

Most people will not be able to accept what that article says, they are hypnotized by the Mind Control Media.  But, I have been challenged by many and none have been able to disprove a single fact related in that article, since it is documented history. Public Record.

We need to understand that Donald Trump is in fact running for the office of National Emergency Commander. And you see, when the Globalist designed this system, this National Emergencies System, they assumed they would always be able to control America, by having a puppet in position of American President or as I say, National Emergency Commander. 

When I say Donald J Trump is mounting a counter-revolution, I am not exaggerating or blowing smoke.

I know you are not! I will admit the NWO theory was something I dismissed, but never really forgot about always stayed in the back of my mind. This election has solidified that it is IN FACT the truth and will be our demise. Trump is it or America will cease to exist as we now enjoy it! I believe that with every ounce of conviction I possess. I truly appreciate the volumes of research you have done and continue to do. You are playing a very important role in all of this by providing this information to us. I have the ammo I need to go out and share the truth. I rely on your blog extensively....always share in a link so others may have access to your essays.

Butch Robinson:
For years as I have been teaching, when people would start to awaken they would scream, "What can we do?" "We have to do something about this." Few have wanted to hear my words when I say, awakening others from their hypnosis and educating people in the knowledge of reality is our ONLY hope. 

Because those people who cannot answer accurately (in reality)  (1) Where are we? and  (2) How did we get here? Do not have a prayer at recognizing or creating the answer as to  (3) What do we do now?  Donald Trump has given us a "what to do now" that is overwhelmingly elect a NON-Globalist as Emergency Powers Commander.  We have to do it in numbers that these criminal psychopaths cannot hide.  And Maine Voters, who tucked you tail and went home having been denied the right to vote.  SHAME ONE YOU!
Time will only tell if there are enough awake.
 The political pundits, talk about "the donor class."  And those in control of "the donor class."  But please understand  "The donor class" is much too weak an expression to describe the Globalist Oligarch's control apparatus. But in these times when most people are hypnotized by the Mind Control Media, it is the best that the semi-awake can chew, swallow and digest. The so-called "donor class" are the apparatchiks to the Globalist Apparatus, where 62 people, 48 of whom are Americans Control more wealth, property and power, than the remaining 330 Billion of us - COMBINED. It is a new Feudalism, empowered by massive technology, creating generational debt slavery to keep the nations - i.e., the masses in line. 

This election is literally a decision whether we go into our slavery willingly supporting the puppets of the Globalists, or take our chances ON OUR OWN with an America First Nationalist, Donald Trump, who despite his billions is a DAVID in the face of the Globalist Goliath. 

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