Sunday, March 27, 2016

DNA Determinism

Trump and Education placed in the power of the Local Community, with PARENTS in charge:

I pity those in Western Civilization, who are not classically educated, who do not hold an ancient language in their grasp, Greek or Latin, who are thrown to the mercy of Cultural Marxism, which you know as Political Correctness. They are adrift without an anchor, unable to in reality, find the meaning and significance of History and the words used in History.

Knowledge is gained by understanding how knowledge unfolded in human history, and those who do not understand the sequential unfolding of the Revelation of GOD, in TIME, in Human History, are doomed to view their own existence and life, as the life of a mere dumb beast.

This 21t century generation knows their animal emotions, their sexual instincts (diverted and confused by Cultural Marxism), they know their levels of energy, their willingness to sacrifice what natural instincts prove to be true, for the false hope of hedonistic privileged. Yet, they hold no understanding of who they are as a Human Person, Created in the Image of their Creator God.

The LGBTXYZBS Movement is a beastly movement. It is a brand of extreme materialism, a slavery to the mythology of DNA determinism. Gosh, I was born a hedonist-sexual, what can I do?

What difference do FACTS make? Does it matter that multiple studies of TWINS, separated at birth, one homosexual and one heterosexual, with IDENTICAL DNA IN REAL TIME, IN REAL MATERIAL EVIDENCE, totally refute the DNA slavery story? No in politically correct - Cultural Marxist DECONSTRUCTIONISM, Facts, EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE, Do Not Matter.

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